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The chloroplast DNA locus psbZ-trnfM as a potential barcode marker in Phoenix L. (Arecaceae)

Journal Article published 30 Dec 2013 in ZooKeys volume 365 on pages 71 to 82

Authors: Marco Ballardini, Antonio Mercuri, Claudio Littardi, Summar Abbas, Marie Couderc, Bertha LudeƱa, Jean-Christophe Pintaud

Volunteers' participation in summar programmes

Dissertation published

Authors: Wan-hang, Francis Chan

Partier Self-Concept Scale

Dataset published 2011 in PsycTESTS Dataset

Authors: Summar Reslan, Karen K. Saules, Alisha Serras

Journal Article published 1998 in Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease volume 21 issue 1+ on pages 30 to 39

Authors: M. L. Summar

First Church of the Rude Awakening

Journal Article published 2009 in Appalachian Heritage volume 37 issue 2 on pages 34 to 35

Authors: Summar West


Journal Article published Jan 1945 in Endocrinology volume 36 issue 1 on pages 70 to 72

Summar of Instructions to Authors 2005

Journal Article published Oct 2005 in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry volume 13 issue 19 on page II

The Use of Computers in Clinical Nephrology

Chapter published 1990 in Renal Disease in Children on pages 407 to 412

Authors: Marshall Summar, Raymond M. Hakim

Acquired Brain Injury Resource

Journal Article published 18 Mar 2017 in Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology volume 32 issue 4 on pages 499 to 500

Authors: Summar Reslan

Antioxidant and Antipathogenic Activities of Citrus Peel Oils

Journal Article published Jan 2012 in Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants volume 15 issue 6 on pages 972 to 979

Authors: Muhammad Mumtaz Khan, Mueen Iqbal, Muhammad Asif Hanif, Muhammad Shahid Mahmood, Summar Abbas Naqvi, Muhammad Shahid, Muhammad Jafar Jaskani