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Distribution and diversity of reptiles in Albania: a novel database from a Mediterranean hotspot

Journal Article published 7 Apr 2017 in Amphibia-Reptilia

Authors: Edvárd Mizsei, Daniel Jablonski, Zsolt Végvári, Szabolcs Lengyel, Márton Szabolcs

Negative effect of roosting starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) on clutch survival in the great reed warbler (Acrocephalus arundinaceus)

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2016 in Biologia volume 71 issue 3

Authors: Thomas O. Mérő, Antun Žuljević, Szabolcs Lengyel

Adoption of Chicks by the Pied Avocet

Journal Article published Mar 2002 in Waterbirds volume 25 issue 1 on pages 109 to 114

Authors: Szabolcs Lengyel

New Approaches in the Conservation of Large Open Landscapes

Journal Article published 13 Oct 2016 in Conservation Biology volume 31 issue 1 on pages 231 to 232

Authors: Szabolcs Lengyel

Spatial differences in breeding success in the pied avocet Recurvirostra avosetta: effects of habitat on hatching success and chick survival

Journal Article published Jul 2006 in Journal of Avian Biology volume 37 issue 4 on pages 381 to 395

Authors: Szabolcs Lengyel

The importance of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in adolescent hypertension

Journal Article published Dec 2009 in Orvosi Hetilap volume 150 issue 49 on pages 2211 to 2217

Authors: Dénes Páll, Mária Juhász, Éva Katona, Szabolcs Lengyel, Éva Komonyi, Béla Fülesdi, György Paragh

Restoring grassland biodiversity: Sowing low-diversity seed mixtures can lead to rapid favourable changes

Journal Article published Mar 2010 in Biological Conservation volume 143 issue 3 on pages 806 to 812

Authors: Péter Török, Balázs Deák, Enikő Vida, Orsolya Valkó, Szabolcs Lengyel, Béla Tóthmérész

Catalytic Co-Processing of delayed coker light naphtha with other refinery gasoline streams

Journal Article published 2009 in Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering volume 53 issue 1 on page 3

Authors: Attila Lengyel, Szabolcs Magyar, Jenő Hancsók

Grassland restoration on former croplands in Europe: an assessment of applicability of techniques and costs

Journal Article published 1 Feb 2011 in Biodiversity and Conservation volume 20 issue 11 on pages 2311 to 2332

Authors: Péter Török, Enikő Vida, Balázs Deák, Szabolcs Lengyel, Béla Tóthmérész

Ants Sow the Seeds of Global Diversification in Flowering Plants

Journal Article published 13 May 2009 in PLoS ONE volume 4 issue 5 on page e5480

Authors: Szabolcs Lengyel, Aaron D. Gove, Andrew M. Latimer, Jonathan D. Majer, Robert R. Dunn

Editors: Jerome Chave