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Vigor of sunflower and soybean aging seed

Journal Article published 2012 in Helia volume 35 issue 56 on pages 119 to 126

Authors: M. Tatic, S. Balesevic-Tubic, V. Ðordjevic, V. Miklic, M. Vujakovic, V. Ðukic

Seed dormancy of hybrids and parent lines of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Journal Article published 2012 in Helia volume 35 issue 56 on pages 111 to 118

Authors: M. Vujakovic, V. Radic, V. Miklic, D. Jovicic, S. Balesevic-Tubic, J. Mrdja, D. Skoric

Influence of aging process on biochemical changes in sunflower seed

Journal Article published 2005 in Helia volume 28 issue 42 on pages 107 to 114

Authors: Svetlana Balesevic-Tubic, Dj. Malencic, Mladen Tatic, Jegor Miladinovic

Seed viability of oil crops depending on storage conditions

Journal Article published 2010 in Helia volume 33 issue 52 on pages 153 to 159

Authors: Svetlana Balesevic-Tubic, M. Tatic, V. Djordjevic, Z. Nikolic, V. Djukic

Changes of fatty acids content and vigor of sunflower seed during natural aging

Journal Article published 2007 in Helia volume 30 issue 47 on pages 61 to 67

Authors: S. Balesevic-Tubic, M. Tatic, J. Miladinovic, M. Pucarevic

Stability of soybean seed composition

Journal Article published 2011 in Genetika volume 43 issue 2 on pages 217 to 227

Authors: Svetlana Balesevic-Tubic, Vuk Djordjevic, Jegor Miladinovic, Vojin Djukic, Mladen Tatic

DNA polymorphism of wild sunflower accessions highly susceptible or highly tolerant to white rot on stalk

Journal Article published 2011 in Helia volume 34 issue 55 on pages 91 to 100

Authors: D. Miladinovic, K. Taski-Ajdukovic, N. Nagl, B. Kovacevic, S. Balesevic-Tubic, N. Dusanic, S. Jocic

Evaluation of resistance of new sunflower hybrids to broomrape in the breeding programs in Novi Sad

Journal Article published 2012 in Helia volume 35 issue 56 on pages 89 to 98

Authors: N. Hladni, B. Dedic, S. Jocic, V. Miklic, N. Dusanic

Interdependence of sunflower seed quality parameters

Journal Article published 2009 in Helia volume 32 issue 50 on pages 157 to 163

Authors: V. Radic, M. Vujakovic, A. Marjanovic-Jeromela, J. Mrdja, V. Miklic, N. Dusanic, I. Balalic

Qualitative Triplex PCR for the Detection of Genetically Modified Soybean and Maize

Journal Article published Jan 2008 in Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment volume 22 issue 3 on pages 801 to 803

Authors: Z. Nikolić, M. Milošević, M. Vujaković, D. Marinković, A. Jevtić, S. Balešević-Tubić