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RAPD-PCR of Lichens

Chapter published 2002 in Protocols in Lichenology on pages 412 to 421

Authors: H. Thorsten Lumbsch, Imke Schmitt

Calycin in Lecanora Fulvastra

Journal Article published Jan 1994 in The Lichenologist volume 26 issue 01 on page 94

Authors: H. Thorsten Lumbsch

Analysis of Phenolic Products in Lichens for Identification and Taxonomy

Chapter published 2002 in Protocols in Lichenology on pages 281 to 295

Authors: H. Thorsten Lumbsch


Journal Article published 5 Oct 2011 in The Lichenologist volume 43 issue 06 on pages 501 to 502

Authors: H. Thorsten Lumbsch, Ana Crespo, David L. Hawksworth

Contributions to The Lichen Flora of Tenerife

Journal Article published Jan 1992 in The Lichenologist volume 24 issue 01 on page 21

Authors: H. Thorsten Lumbsch, A. Vézda

The Use of the Species Pair Concept in Lichen Taxonomy

Journal Article published May 1989 in Taxon volume 38 issue 2 on page 238

Authors: Jan-Eric Mattsson, H. Thorsten Lumbsch

A Comparison of Ascoma Ontogeny Supports the Inclusion of the Eigleraceae in the Hymeneliaceae (Lecanorales)

Journal Article published 1997 in The Bryologist volume 100 issue 2 on page 180

Authors: H. Thorsten Lumbsch

A Cladistic Analysis of the Genus Diploschistes (Ascomycotina, Thelotremataceae)

Journal Article published 1998 in The Bryologist volume 101 issue 3 on page 398

Authors: H. Thorsten Lumbsch, Anders Tehler

Lecanoras Vacillans H. Magn., a Remarkable Species and its Taxonomic Significance

Journal Article published Jan 1997 in The Lichenologist volume 29 issue 01 on page 29

Authors: H. Thorsten Lumbsch, Roland Guderley

Lecanora Paramerae, a New Lichen from Spain

Journal Article published Jul 1999 in The Lichenologist volume 31 issue 04 on page 315

Authors: Isabel Martínez, Gregorio Aragón, H. Thorsten Lumbsch