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Predicting Biological Invasions

Journal Article published 2003 in Biological Invasions volume 5 issue 4 on pages 301 to 309

Authors: Tina Heger, Ludwig Trepl

Book review

Journal Article published Nov 2013 in Basic and Applied Ecology volume 14 issue 7 on page 622

Authors: Tina Heger

Species from different taxonomic groups show similar invasion traits

Journal Article published 2015 in Immediate Science Ecology

Authors: Tina Heger, Sylvia Haider, Wolf-Christian Saul, Jonathan Jeschke

The enemy release hypothesis as a hierarchy of hypotheses

Journal Article published 12 Feb 2014 in Oikos volume 123 issue 6 on pages 741 to 750

Authors: Tina Heger, Jonathan M. Jeschke

The role of eco-evolutionary experience in invasion success

Journal Article published 28 Jun 2013 in NeoBiota volume 17 on pages 57 to 74

Authors: Wolf-Christian Saul, Jonathan Jeschke, Tina Heger

What biological invasions ‘are’ is a matter of perspective

Journal Article published Apr 2013 in Journal for Nature Conservation volume 21 issue 2 on pages 93 to 96

Authors: Tina Heger, Wolf-Christian Saul, Ludwig Trepl

The invasion of Central Europe by Senecio inaequidens DC. ��������������������������� a complex biogeographical problem

Journal Article published 2005 in Erdkunde volume 59 issue 1 on pages 34 to 49

Authors: Tina Heger, Hans J������rgen B������hmer

Shaping Theoretic Foundations of Holobiont-Like Systems

Chapter published 2016 in Progress in Botany on pages 219 to 244

Authors: Wolfgang zu Castell, Frank Fleischmann, Tina Heger, Rainer Matyssek

Support for major hypotheses in invasion biology is uneven and declining

Journal Article published 22 Aug 2012 in NeoBiota volume 14 on pages 1 to 20

Authors: Jonathan Jeschke, Lorena Gómez Aparicio, Sylvia Haider, Tina Heger, Christopher Lortie, Petr Pyšek, David Strayer

The Pluralistic Halakhah

Monograph published 20 Jan 2002

Authors: Paul Heger

Vom Stemma zum Aktantenmodell

Chapter published in Connexiones Romanicae

Authors: K. HEGER


Chapter published 2009 in Kinderchirurgie on pages 87 to 92

Authors: A. Heger

Kristalline Materie

Chapter published 1999 in Horizonte on pages 104 to 110

Authors: Gernot Heger


Chapter published 1998 in Auftrags- und Projektmanagement on pages 69 to 115

Authors: Günther Heger

Cult as the Catalyst for Division

Book published 1 Mar 2007

Authors: P. Heger

Dynamische Regelselektion in der Reihenfolgeplanung

Book published 2014

Authors: Jens Heger

Female Genital Cutting

Dataset published in Oxford Bibliographies Online Datasets

Authors: Elizabeth Heger Boyle

The Development of Incense Cult in Israel

Monograph published 31 Jan 1997

Authors: Paul Heger


Chapter published 2013 in Kinderchirurgie on pages 105 to 110

Authors: A. Heger

Constantin Heger to Revd. P. Brontë, 5 November 1842

Chapter published 20 Jul 1995 in The Letters of Charlotte Brontë: With a Selection of Letters by Family and Friends, Vol. 1: 1829–1847 on pages 299 to 302

Authors: Constantin Héger

Editors: Margaret Smith