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Residence time determines the distribution of alien plants

Chapter published in Invasive Plants: Ecological and Agricultural Aspects on pages 77 to 96

Authors: Petr Pyšek, Vojtěch Jarošík

Larval omnivory in Amara aenea (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Journal Article published 15 Sep 2003 in European Journal of Entomology volume 100 issue 3 on pages 329 to 335

Authors: Karel HURKA, Vojtech JAROSIK

Physiological mechanism governing slow and fast development in predatory ladybirds

Journal Article published 20 Nov 2012 in Physiological Entomology volume 38 issue 1 on pages 26 to 32



Journal Article published Sep 2001 in Folia Geobotanica volume 36 issue 3 on pages 333 to 336

Authors: Petr Šmilauer, Milan Chytrý, Milan Chytrý, Vojtěch Jarošík

Sexual differences in insect development time in relation to sexual size dimorphism

Chapter published 5 Jul 2007 in Sex, Size and Gender Roles on pages 205 to 212

Authors: Vojtěch Jarošík, Alois Honek

Habitats and Land Use as Determinants of Plant Invasions in the Temperate Zone of Europe

Chapter published 24 Dec 2009 in Bioinvasions and Globalization on pages 66 to 80

Authors: Petr Pyšek, Milan Chytrý, Vojtĕch Jarošík

Ground beetles (Carabidae) as seed predators

Journal Article published 20 Nov 2003 in European Journal of Entomology volume 100 issue 4 on pages 531 to 544

Authors: Alois HONEK, Zdenka MARTINKOVA, Vojtech JAROSIK

The role of crop density, seed and aphid presence in diversification of field communities of Carabidae (Coleoptera)

Journal Article published 30 Dec 2000 in European Journal of Entomology volume 97 issue 4 on pages 517 to 525

Authors: Alois HONEK, Vojtech JAROSIK

Effect of temperature on development and reproduction in Gastrophysa viridula (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Journal Article published 25 Jun 2003 in European Journal of Entomology volume 100 issue 2 on pages 295 to 300

Authors: Alois HONEK, Vojtech JAROSIK, Zdenka MARTINKOVA

Natural enemy ravine revisited: the importance of sample size for determining population growth

Journal Article published Feb 2003 in Ecological Entomology volume 28 issue 1 on pages 85 to 91

Authors: Vojtech Jarosik, Alois Honek, Anthony F. G. Dixon