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Revision of Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae) in the Marquesas Islands

Journal Article published 27 Nov 2013 in PhytoKeys volume 30 on pages 33 to 64

Authors: Warren Wagner, Anthony Wagner, David Lorence

Bibliography: Pteridophytes

Journal Article published Dec 1965 in BioScience volume 15 issue 12 on pages 809 to 810

Authors: Warren H. Wagner,

A Comparison of Taxonomic Methods in Biosystematics

Chapter published 1984 in Plant Biosystematics on pages 643 to 654

Authors: Warren H. Wagner

Reticulate Evolution in the Appalachian Aspleniums

Journal Article published Jun 1954 in Evolution volume 8 issue 2 on page 103

Authors: Warren H. Wagner

Nomenclator and Review of Phyllostegia (Lamiaceae)

Journal Article published 1999 in Novon volume 9 issue 2 on page 265

Authors: Warren L. Wagner


Journal Article published 20 Apr 1928 in Science volume 67 issue 1738 on pages 422 to 422

Authors: G. Wagner, E. R. Warren

Extending pulse shaping capabilities from UV to mid-IR

Conference Paper published 2002 in Nonlinear Optics: Materials, Fundamentals and Applications

Authors: Warren Warren, Howe-Siang Tan, Elmar Schreiber, Wolfgang Wagner

Another Nothospecies in the Appalachian Asplenium Complex

Journal Article published Apr 1990 in American Fern Journal volume 80 issue 2 on page 44

Authors: Warren H. Wagner, Florence S. Wagner

Reticulate Veins in the Systematics of Modern Ferns

Journal Article published Apr 1979 in Taxon volume 28 issue 1/3 on page 87

Authors: Warren Herb Wagner

Plant Taxonomy and Modern Systematics

Journal Article published Feb 1968 in BioScience volume 18 issue 2 on pages 96 to 100

Authors: Warren H. Wagner,