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Modification of quorum sensing in bacterial cultures

Dissertation published

Authors: Zoltán Gábor Varga


Chapter published 27 Oct 2011 in A Comparative Look at Regulation of Corporate Tax Avoidance on pages 193 to 196

Authors: Éva Erdős, Zoltán Nagy, Zoltán Varga

Sustainable production of bioparaffins in a crude oil refinery

Journal Article published 30 Mar 2014 in Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy volume 16 issue 7 on pages 1445 to 1454

Authors: Jenő Hancsók, Zoltán Eller, György Pölczmann, Zoltán Varga, András Holló, Géza Varga

A talajok vízellátottságának hatása a gazdasági növények vízigényének alakulására

Journal Article published Jun 2008 in Agrokémia és Talajtan volume 57 issue 1 on pages 7 to 20

Authors: Zoltán Varga-Haszonits, Zoltán Varga, Zsuzsanna Lantos, Erzsébet Enzsölné Gerencsér, Gábor Milics

Methodological basis of modelling impact of meteorological factors on plant development

Journal Article published 2014 in Acta Agronomica Óváriensis volume 56 issue 1 on pages 53 to 74

Authors: Zoltán Varga-Haszonits, Zoltán Varga

Rewriting history

Journal Article published 5 Dec 2012 in European Journal of Life Writing volume 1 issue 0 on page 22

Authors: Zoltán Varga

Journal Article published 1997 in Genetica volume 101 issue 1 on pages 59 to 66

Authors: Emese Meglécz, Katalin Pecsenye, László Peregovits, Zoltán Varga

Perkutane endoskopische Therapieverfahren der Niere

Chapter published in Endoskopische Urologie on pages 181 to 198

Authors: Zoltan Varga

Quality Improvement of Heavy Gas Oil with Hydroprocessing

Journal Article published 2014 in Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering volume 58 issue 2 on pages 117 to 123

Authors: Zoltán Varga, Zoltán Eller, Jenő Hancsók

Journal Article published 2000 in Antonie van Leeuwenhoek volume 77 issue 3 on pages 235 to 239

Authors: János Varga, Zoltán Vida, Beáta Tóth, Fons Debets, Yoshikazu Horie

Strict ESS for n-species systems

Journal Article published May 2000 in Biosystems volume 56 issue 2-3 on pages 131 to 137

Authors: József Garay, Zoltán Varga

Controllability of selection–mutation systems

Journal Article published Mar 2002 in Biosystems volume 65 issue 2-3 on pages 113 to 121

Authors: Antonino Scarelli, Zoltán Varga

Zoogeographische Gliederung der paläarktischen Orealfauna

Chapter published 1977 in Verhandlungen des Sechsten Internationalen Symposiums über Entomofaunistik in Mitteleuropa on pages 263 to 284

Authors: Zoltán Varga

Potassium Channel Blocking Peptide Toxins from Scorpion Venom

Chapter published 24 Dec 2014 in Scorpion Venoms on pages 493 to 527

Authors: Adam Bartok, Gyorgy Panyi, Zoltan Varga

Functional and molecular effects of hypercholesterolemia on the myocardium: the role of connexin-43 and microRNA-25

Dissertation published

Authors: Zoltán Varga

Policy Section

Journal Article published Jul 2016 in Zebrafish volume 13 issue S1 on pages S-149 to S-149

Authors: Zoltán M. Varga, Christian Lawrence

Therapie der weiblichen Harninkontinenz

Chapter published 2016 in Die Urologie on pages 905 to 939

Authors: Axel Hegele, Zoltan Varga, Rainer Hofmann, Phillip Grosemans

Mountain coniferous forests, refugia and butterflies

Journal Article published 4 Apr 2008 in Molecular Ecology volume 17 issue 9 on pages 2101 to 2103


Genetic Variability of Central European Isolates of the Fusarium graminearum Species Complex

Journal Article published Sep 2005 in European Journal of Plant Pathology volume 113 issue 1 on pages 35 to 45

Authors: Beáta Tóth, Ákos Mesterházy, Zoltán Horváth, Tibor Bartók, Mónika Varga, János Varga

Distribution of the Eastern knapweed fritillary (Melitaea ornata Christoph, 1893) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae): past, present and future

Journal Article published 27 May 2012 in Journal of Insect Conservation volume 17 issue 2 on pages 245 to 255

Authors: János P. Tóth, Katalin Varga, Zsolt Végvári, Zoltán Varga