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Journal Article published Nov 1987 in Journal of Nutrition Education volume 19 issue 6 on page 309

Authors: Dian Althea Gans


Journal Article published Jul 1988 in Journal of Nutrition Education volume 20 issue 4 on page 200

Authors: Althea Zanecosky

Althea J. Horner, Dealing with Resistance in Psychotherapy

Journal Article published 9 Jan 2007 in Clinical Social Work Journal volume 35 issue 1 on pages 67 to 68

Authors: David Votruba

WHEEL OF NUTRITION Game: Nutrition in the Round

Journal Article published May 2001 in Journal of Nutrition Education volume 33 issue 3 on pages 175 to 176

Authors: Dian Althea Dooley, Rachel Novotny, Joda P. Derrickson

Reviews : Sex Education

Journal Article published Dec 1975 in Health Education Journal volume 34 issue 4 on pages 129 to 129

Authors: Donald Reid

Promoting Civic Engagement Post-Release From Correctional Facilities

Journal Article published Nov 2013 in American Journal of Public Health volume 103 issue 11 on pages e6 to e6

Authors: Melissa Lavoie, Eric Rey, Althea Brooks, Emily Wang

Students’ perceptions regarding the objective, structured, clinical evaluation as an assessment approach

Journal Article published 11 Feb 2013 in Health SA Gesondheid volume 18 issue 1

Authors: Louis F. Small, Louise Pretorius, Althea Walters, Maria Ackerman, Pandeni Tshifugula

A surveillance of needle-stick injuries amongst student nurses at the University of Namibia

Journal Article published 23 Feb 2011 in Health SA Gesondheid volume 16 issue 1

Authors: Louis Small, Louise Pretorius, Althea Walters, Maria J. Ackerman

Iron Overload

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in American Journal of Preventive Medicine volume 41 issue 6 on pages S422 to S427

Authors: Mary M. Hulihan, Cindy A. Sayers, Scott D. Grosse, Cheryl Garrison, Althea M. Grant

Ethical implications and practical considerations of ethnically targeted screening for genetic disorders: the case of hemoglobinopathy screening

Journal Article published Aug 2011 in Ethnicity & Health volume 16 issue 4-5 on pages 377 to 388

Authors: Cynthia F. Hinton, Althea M. Grant, Scott D. Grosse