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American Elites.

Journal Article published Sep 1997 in Social Forces volume 76 issue 1 on page 343

Authors: Davita Silfen Glasberg, Robert Lerner, Althea K. Nagai, Stanley Rothman

Cherokee Messenger

Journal Article published Sep 1936 in The Mississippi Valley Historical Review volume 23 issue 2 on page 265

Authors: Philip D. Jordan, Althea Bass

The Story of Tullahassee

Journal Article published Sep 1960 in The Mississippi Valley Historical Review volume 47 issue 2 on page 362

Authors: Althea Bass

Summer Outings of Bats during Fourteen Seasons

Journal Article published Nov 1929 in Journal of Mammalogy volume 10 issue 4 on page 319

Authors: Althea R. Sherman

Marginality and Liberalism Among Jewish Elites

Journal Article published 1989 in Public Opinion Quarterly volume 53 issue 3 on page 330

Authors: Robert Lerner, Althea K. Nagai, Stanley Rothman

Evolutionary medicine Carpal tunnel syndrome

Journal Article published 2017 in Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health volume 2017 issue 1 on pages 51 to 52

Authors: Althea Anne D. Perez, Scott W. Simpson

Giving for Social Change: Foundations, Public Policy, and the American Political Agenda.

Journal Article published Sep 1996 in Social Forces volume 75 issue 1 on page 353

Authors: Susan A. Ostrander, Althea K. Nagai, Robert Lerner, Stanley Rothman

General Notes

Journal Article published Nov 1926 in Journal of Mammalogy volume 7 issue 4 on page 331

Authors: Morris M. Green, Althea R. Sherman, Edward R. Warren, F. M. Fryxell, M. P. Skinner

Inhibition of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 139 by 5-Fluorouracil and the Effect of Biotin Nutrition on This Growth Inhibition

Journal Article published Jun 1963 in AIBS Bulletin volume 13 issue 3 on page 41

Authors: Jo Anne Whitaker, Barbara Albers, Althea Pagano

Cherokee Messenger. By Althea Bass. [Civilization of the American Indian Series.] (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. 1936. Pp. 348. $3.00.)

Journal Article published Jan 1937 in The American Historical Review