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Web Service Matching by Ontology Instance Categorization

Conference Paper published Jul 2008 in 2008 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing

Authors: Qianhui Althea Liang, Herman Lam

Service mining for composite web services

Conference Paper published in IRI -2005 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration, Conf, 2005.

Authors: Qianhui Althea Liang, S. Miller, Jen-Yao Chung

Verification of Unstructured Workflows via Propositional Logic

Conference Paper published May 2008 in Seventh IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Science (icis 2008)

Authors: Qianhui Althea Liang, J. Leon Zhao

A Rule-Based Approach for Availability of Web Service

Conference Paper published Sep 2008 in 2008 IEEE International Conference on Web Services

Authors: Qianhui Althea Liang, Herman Lam, Lalita Narupiyakul, Patrick C.K. Hung

Infrared absorption and fluorescence properties of Ho-doped KPb2Br5

Conference Paper published 7 Mar 2014 in Optical Components and Materials XI

Authors: Ei E. Brown, Uwe Hömmerich, Simone Hyater-Adams, Olusola Oyebola, Althea Bluiett, Sudhir Trivedi

Editors: Michel J. F. Digonnet, Shibin Jiang


Conference Paper published 17 Jun 2014 in Proceedings of the 69th International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy

Authors: Brian Hays, Susanna Widicus Weaver, Althea Roy

Optical properties of Pr3+-, Ce3+-, and Eu3+-doped ternary lead halides

Conference Paper published 16 Mar 2015 in Optical Components and Materials XII

Authors: Ei E. Brown, Althea Bluiett, Uwe Hömmerich, Sudhir B. Trivedi

Editors: Shibin Jiang, Michel J. F. Digonnet


Conference Paper published 24 Jun 2015 in Proceedings of the 70th International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy

Authors: Susanna Widicus Weaver, Jacob Laas, Althea Roy, Bridget Deprince, Nadine Wehres, Brian Hays

Evaluation of the Utility of the Rubiatriol Scaffold as Lead in Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Modulation for the Management of Hypertension

Conference Paper published 1 Nov 2016 in Proceedings of 2nd International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry

Authors: Althea Marie Xuereb

Service Discovery in P2P Service-oriented Environments

Conference Paper published 2006 in The 8th IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce Technology and The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce, and E-Services (CEC/EEE'06)

Authors: Qianhui Althea Liang, Jen-Yao Chung, Hui Lei

Growth and characterization of direct mid-IR laser materials (Invited Paper)

Conference Paper published 27 Apr 2005 in Solid State Lasers XIV: Technology and Devices

Authors: Steven R. Bowman, Nicholas J. Condon, Shawn O'Connor, Neil S. Jenkins, Althea G. Bluiett, Joseph Ganem

Editors: Hanna J. Hoffman, Ramesh K. Shori

Upconversion and 1.5 μm - 1.6 μm infrared emission studies of Er3+doped in the low phonon-energy hosts KPb2Cl5and KPb2Br5via 1.5 μm laser excitation

Conference Paper published 11 Mar 2013 in Optical Components and Materials X

Authors: Althea Bluiett, Ei E. Brown, Craig Hanley, Uwe Hömmerich, Sudhir Trivedi

Editors: Michel J. F. Digonnet, Shibin Jiang, J. Christopher Dries

Spectroscopic characterization and upconversion processes under ~1.5 μm pumping in Er doped Yttria ceramics

Conference Paper published 6 Mar 2013 in Solid State Lasers XXII: Technology and Devices

Authors: Ei E. Brown, Uwe Hommerich, Althea Bluiett, Courtney Kucera, John Ballato, Sudhir Trivedi

Editors: W. Andrew Clarkson, Ramesh Shori

A Report Of A Rare Case Of Bronchogenic Adenocarcinoma With Metastasis To The Ampulla Of Vater Causing Obstructive Jaundice

Conference Paper published May 2012 in D106. CASE REPORTS: TUMORS

Authors: Chuen Peng Lee, Harkishan G. Tewani, Wee See Yap, Eugene Bingwen Fan, Aissa Althea S. Flavier, Amitabh Monga

Comparative spectroscopic studies of Ho: KPb2Cl5, Ho: KPb2Br2, and Ho: YAG for 2 μm laser cooling applications

Conference Paper published 10 Mar 2015 in Laser Refrigeration of Solids VIII

Authors: Ei E. Brown, Uwe Hömmerich, Eric Kumi-Barimah, Althea Bluiett, Sudhir B. Trivedi

Editors: Richard I. Epstein, Denis V. Seletskiy, Mansoor Sheik-Bahae

Dry cough associated with pharyngeal irritation: Survey on Althea officinalis L.

Conference Paper published Oct 2017 in 65th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA 2017)

Authors: C Fink, J Müller, O Kelber, K Nieber, K Kraft

Medical device security in hospital networks incorporating medical devices

Conference Paper published 2006 in IET Seminar on Software for Medical Devices

Authors: N. Mankovich

Medical Device Software Process Improvement - A Perspective from a Medical Device Company

Conference Paper published 2015 in Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Informatics

Authors: Marie Travers, Ita Richardson

Crystal diffraction lens for medical imaging

Conference Paper published 25 Apr 2000 in Medical Imaging 2000: Physics of Medical Imaging

Authors: Robert K. Smither, Dante E. Roa

Editors: James T. Dobbins III, John M. Boone

<span class="hl">Medical</span> ultrasound pulse structure

Conference Paper published 28 May 1999 in Medical Imaging 1999: Physics of Medical Imaging

Authors: Sidney Leeman, Andrew J. Healey

Editors: John M. Boone, James T. Dobbins III