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Polichinelle, premier intermede du Malade imaginaire de Moliere

Journal Article published Feb 1926 in Revue de musicologie volume 7 issue 17 on page 42

Authors: L. L. L., Marc-Antoine Charpentier, M.-A. Charpentier, Julien Tiersot

The French Novel in the Past Decade

Journal Article published 1936 in Books Abroad volume 10 issue 4 on page 385

Authors: John Charpentier


Journal Article published 1937 in Books Abroad volume 11 issue 4 on page 433

Authors: Régis Michaud, John Charpentier

Mabrouka: Femme Arabe

Journal Article published 1930 in Books Abroad volume 4 issue 3 on page 271

Authors: C. A. Pearce, Octave Charpentier

L'Aurochs dans les bégonias

Journal Article published 1931 in Books Abroad volume 5 issue 2 on page 199

Authors: John Appleby, Octave Charpentier

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Journal Article published 1932 in Books Abroad volume 6 issue 1 on page 81

Authors: Enrique Macaya, John Charpentier


Journal Article published 1938 in Books Abroad volume 12 issue 4 on page 435

Authors: Albert Schinz, John Charpentier


Journal Article published 1934 in Books Abroad volume 8 issue 1 on page 49

Authors: R. T. H., John Charpentier

Les Grands Templiers

Journal Article published 1936 in Books Abroad volume 10 issue 1 on page 64

Authors: Elsie J. McFarland, John Charpentier

Le Symbolisme

Journal Article published 1928 in Books Abroad volume 2 issue 2 on page 25

Authors: Paul Clements Snodgress, John Charpentier

Historique de l'Affaire Dreyfus

Journal Article published 1934 in Books Abroad volume 8 issue 2 on page 163

Authors: Albert Guérard, Armand Charpentier

Marc-Antoine Charpentier

Journal Article published Feb 1981 in The Musical Times volume 122 issue 1656 on page 87

Authors: Andrew Parmley

Marc-Antoine Charpentier

Journal Article published Dec 1991 in Notes volume 48 issue 2 on page 480

Authors: James R. Anthony, H. Wiley Hitchcock

William of Rubruck and Roger Bacon

Journal Article published 1935 in Geografiska Annaler volume 17 on page 255

Authors: Jarl Charpentier

Cesare di Federici and Gasparo Balbi

Journal Article published 1920 in Geografiska Annaler volume 2 on page 146

Authors: Jarl Charpentier

Fruit bleu et jaune

Journal Article published 1983 in World Literature Today volume 57 issue 2 on page 239

Authors: Danielle Chavu Cooper, Pascale Charpentier

Menuisier charpentier. Un artisan du bois à l'ère industrielle

Journal Article published 1985 in Labour / Le Travail volume 16 on page 279

Authors: Robert Nahuet, Yvan Fortier

La peine de mort

Journal Article published 1968 in Revista española de la opinión pública issue 13 on page 495

Authors: Miguel García Chaparro, Jacques Charpentier

La Lumière Intérieure chez Jeanne d'Arc, Fille de France

Journal Article published 1939 in Books Abroad volume 13 issue 1 on page 50

Authors: Albert Guérard, John Charpentier

Bercy, Cellier du Monde

Journal Article published 1929 in Books Abroad volume 3 issue 4 on page 384

Authors: J. M. Carriére, Victor Drouin, Octave Charpentier