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Release of Nucleotides and Nucleosides during Yeast Autolysis:  Kinetics and Potential Impact on Flavor

Journal Article published Apr 2005 in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry volume 53 issue 8 on pages 3000 to 3007

Authors: Claudine Charpentier, Jerome Aussenac, Monique Charpentier, Jean-Claude Prome, Bruno Duteurtre, Michel Feuillat

ACS’s Road Map—Strategically Speaking

Journal Article published 30 Aug 2010 in Chemical & Engineering News volume 88 issue 35 on page 30


Honoring Community College Chemistry Teaching

Journal Article published 15 Nov 2010 in Chemical & Engineering News volume 88 issue 46 on page 49


.alpha.-Acylcarbenium ions

Journal Article published Jul 1980 in Accounts of Chemical Research volume 13 issue 7 on pages 207 to 212

Authors: Jean Pierre Begue, Micheline Charpentier-Morize

The Power Of Collaboration

Journal Article published 17 Jan 2011 in Chemical & Engineering News Archive volume 89 issue 3 on page 40


For president-elect: Bonnie A. Charpentier

Journal Article published 11 Sep 2017 in C&EN Global Enterprise volume 95 issue 36 on pages 33 to 35

Direct Synthesis of Zirconia Aerogel Nanoarchitecture in Supercritical CO2

Journal Article published Apr 2006 in Langmuir volume 22 issue 9 on pages 4390 to 4396

Authors: Ruohong Sui, Amin S. Rizkalla, Paul A. Charpentier

Get Involved: Send A Letter, Create A Committee, Or Run For Elective Office

Journal Article published 29 Nov 2010 in Chemical & Engineering News volume 88 issue 48 on page 41


Study of the Sol−Gel Reaction Mechanism in Supercritical CO2for the Formation of SiO2Nanocomposites

Journal Article published 17 Mar 2009 in Langmuir volume 25 issue 6 on pages 3748 to 3754

Authors: Paul A. Charpentier, Xinsheng Li, Ruohong Sui

Continuous Polymerizations in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide:  Chain-Growth Precipitation Polymerizations

Journal Article published Sep 1999 in Macromolecules volume 32 issue 18 on pages 5973 to 5975

Authors: P. A. Charpentier, K. A. Kennedy, J. M. DeSimone, G. W. Roberts