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Application of Rational Methods for the Selection of the Most Plausible FE Models in Structural Analysis

Chapter published 2018 in High Tech Concrete: Where Technology and Engineering Meet on pages 1689 to 1698

Authors: Arthur Slobbe, Diego Allaix, Wim Courage, Agnieszka Bigaj van Vliet

Quantification of the Uncertainty of Shear Strength Models Using Bayesian Inference

Chapter published 2018 in High Tech Concrete: Where Technology and Engineering Meet on pages 749 to 757

Authors: Arthur Slobbe, Diego Allaix, Yuguang Yang

Probit transformation for nonparametric kernel estimation of the copula density

Journal Article published Aug 2017 in Bernoulli volume 23 issue 3 on pages 1848 to 1873

Authors: Gery Geenens, Arthur Charpentier, Davy Paindaveine

KKL-35 Exhibits Potent Antibiotic Activity Against Legionella Species Independently Of Trans-Translation Inhibition

Posted Content published 15 May 2017

Authors: Romain Brunel, Ghislaine Descours, Patricia Doublet, Sophie Jarraud, Xavier Charpentier

Fish kairomones induce spine elongation and reduce predation in marine crab larvae

Journal Article published 17 May 2017 in Ecology

Authors: Corie L. Charpentier, Alexander J. Wright, Jonathan H. Cohen

Irreversible electroporation of hepatocellular carcinoma: patient selection and perspectives

Journal Article published Mar 2017 in Journal of Hepatocellular Carcinoma volume Volume 4 on pages 49 to 58

Authors: Asha Zimmerman, David Grand, Kevin Charpentier

Les retraites de demain permettront-elles de couvrir le risque de dépendance ?

Journal Article published 2017 in Nouvelle revue de psychosociologie volume 23 issue 1 on page 31

Authors: François Charpentier

Revision of the genus Bradyporus Charpentier, 1825 (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Bradyporinae)

Journal Article published 31 May 2017 in Zootaxa volume 4272 issue 4 on page 491


Investigating the Real: Arthur Miller's Postmodernist Detectives

Journal Article published 2017 in The Arthur Miller Journal volume 12 issue 1 on page 21

Authors: Leinster

Arthur J. DiFuria. Review of "Pieter Bruegel’s Historical Imagination" by Stephanie Porras.

Journal Article published 30 Mar 2017 in

Authors: Arthur DiFuria