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Arthur & George

Other published in Arthur & George (stage version)

Authors: David Edgar, Julian Barnes

Arthur Miller: an exclusive interview (BBC documentary)

Other published in Arthur Miller

Le contrôle par les organisations internationales de l'exécution des obligations des états

Other published in Recueil des Cours, Collected Courses, Volume 182 (2007) on pages 143 to 245

Authors: Jean Charpentier

La Ronde

Other published in La Ronde

Authors: Arthur Schnitzler


Other published 17 Mar 1988 in ACS Symposium Series on pages ix to ix



Other published 5 Mar 1993 in ACS Symposium Series on pages xi to xii


U.S. Geological Survey assessment of reserve growth outside of the United States

Other published 2015 in Scientific Investigations Report

Authors: Timothy R. Klett, Troy A. Cook, Ronald R. Charpentier, Marilyn E. Tennyson, Phuong A. Le

Undiscovered Gas Resources in the Alum Shale, Denmark, 2013

Other published 2013 in Fact Sheet

Authors: Donald L. Gautier, Ronald R. Charpentier, Stephanie B. Gaswirth, Timothy R. Klett, Janet K. Pitman, Christopher J. Schenk, Marilyn E. Tennyson, Katherine J. Whidden

Assessment of unconventional oil and gas resources in Northeast Mexico, 2014

Other published 2014 in Fact Sheet

Authors: Christopher J. Schenk, Ronald R. Charpentier, Timothy R. Klett, Marilyn E. Tennyson, Stephanie Gaswirth, Michael E. Brownfield, Mark J. Pawlewicz, Jean Noe Weaver

Simulation of biobarrier-protozoa interaction in porous media

Other published 2002 in Contemporary Mathematics on pages 105 to 112

Authors: Benito M. Chen-Charpentier, Hristo V. Kojouharov

Assessment of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil and gas resources of Armenia, 2014

Other published 2014 in Fact Sheet

Authors: Timothy R. Klett, Christopher J. Schenk, Craig J. Wandrey, Michael E. Brownfield, Ronald R. Charpentier, Marilyn E. Tennyson, Donald L. Gautier

The Lament for Arthur Cleary

Other published in Bolger Plays: 1

The wealth-power connection

Other published in Capitalism on Trial

Authors: Arthur MacEwan


Other published in Financial Crisis Containment and Government Guarantees on pages xiv to xv

Authors: Arthur E. Wilmarth

Effects of VAT on financial services

Other published in Taxing Banks Fairly on pages 127 to 155

Authors: Arthur Kerrigan

Complexity and the Economy

Other published in Elgar Companion to Neo-Schumpeterian Economics

Authors: W.B. Arthur

Lewis, (William) Arthur (1915-1991)

Other published in The Elgar Companion to Development Studies


Other published in Tax Free Trade Zones of the World and in the United States

Environmental Reform in Modernizing China

Other published in The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology, Second Edition

Authors: Arthur P.J. Mol

Complexity and the Economy

Other published in Handbook of Research on Complexity

Authors: W. Brian Arthur