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Income inequality games

Journal Article published 25 May 2011 in The Journal of Economic Inequality volume 9 issue 4 on pages 529 to 554

Authors: Arthur Charpentier, Stéphane Mussard

Erratum to: On the return period of the 2003 heat wave

Journal Article published 30 Sep 2011 in Climatic Change volume 109 issue 3-4 on pages 261 to 261

Authors: Arthur Charpentier

Un regard sur quelques pathologies

Journal Article published 2011 in Revue archéologique de Picardie volume 1 issue 1 on pages 105 to 108

Authors: Annette Charpentier, Michel Charpentier, Richard Briols

Charpentier appreciated

Journal Article published 29 Mar 2011 in Early Music volume 39 issue 2 on pages 270 to 271

Authors: L. Sawkins

Fracturas costales y traumatismos torácicos

Journal Article published Jan 2011 in EMC - Aparato Locomotor volume 44 issue 1 on pages 1 to 10

Authors: V. Anne, G. Grosdidier, C. Charpentier, G. Boulanger

Virus de l'immunodéficience humaine

Journal Article published Jan 2011 in EMC - Maladies infectieuses volume 8 issue 4 on pages 1 to 12

Authors: C. Charpentier, F. Damond, F. Brun-Vézinet, D. Descamps

Les personnes âgées

Journal Article published 2011 in Nouvelles pratiques sociales volume 24 issue 1 on page 15

Authors: Michèle Charpentier, Anne Quéniart

In vivo Models of Arrhythmias

Journal Article published 2011 in Journal of Arrhythmia volume 27 issue Supplement on page SY15_2

Authors: Flavien Charpentier

Diversity-Based Approaches to Software Systems Security

Chapter published 2011 in Communications in Computer and Information Science on pages 228 to 237

Authors: Abdelouahed Gherbi, Robert Charpentier

Douleur thoracique et syndromes coronariens aigus : stratégie diagnostique

Journal Article published 22 Oct 2011 in Annales françaises de médecine d'urgence

Authors: S. Charpentier, D. Lauque