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Contour Based Real Time Multiple Object Tracking

Journal Article published 9 Aug 2106 in International journal of Emerging Trends in Science and Technology

Authors: Mrs Malleshwari MS, Dept. of ECE, Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology Gubbi, Karnataka India

Thermal Photonics and Energy Applications

Journal Article published Dec 2099 in Joule

Research funded by Stanford University | Department of Energy (DE-AR0000316, DE-AR0000533, DE-AR0000731) | Basic Energy Sciences (DE-FG02-07ER46426) | Energy Frontier Research Center (DE-SC0001293) | National Science Foundation (CMMI-1562204)

Authors: Shanhui Fan

The Effects of Social and Economic Life of the Ottoman Empire on Science and Philosophy between 16th-19th Centuries

Journal Article published 2024 in History Studies International Journal Of History volume Volume 3 Issue 3 issue 3 on page 69 - 83

Authors: Cüneyt Coşkun

Encyclopedia of Science Education

Book published 2021

Editors: Richard Gunstone

Biochar-supported reduced graphene oxide composite for adsorption and coadsorption of atrazine and lead ions

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in Applied Surface Science volume 427 on pages 147 to 155

Research funded by National Nature Science Fund for Young Scholars (31600413) | National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (41625002) | Agricultural Research Outstanding Talents and Innovation Team, the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2017T100222, 2015M581417) | Heilongjiang Postdoctoral Fund (LBH-TZ1603, LBH-Z15012) | “Young Talents” Project of Northeast Agricultural University (16QC34)

Authors: Ying Zhang, Bo Cao, Lulu Zhao, Lili Sun, Yan Gao, Jiaojiao Li, Fan Yang

Managing Agricultural Enterprises

Book published 2018

Editors: Paweł Bryła


Chapter published 2018 in Beyond Agricultural Impacts on page xix


Chapter published 2018 in Beyond Agricultural Impacts on page iv

Product flow and price change in an agricultural distribution network

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications volume 490 on pages 70 to 76

Research funded by Research Program for Agricultural Science & Technology Development (PJ01156304)

Authors: Daekyung Lee, Seong-Gyu Yang, Kibum Kim, Beom Jun Kim

About the Editors

Chapter published 2018 in Beyond Agricultural Impacts on pages xi to xii