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Journal Issue published Jul 2016 in Protein Science volume 25 issue 7

Editors: Dan Bolon, David Baker, Dan Tawfik

NDR1/STK38 potentiates NF-κB activation by its kinase activity

Journal Article published 4 Jun 2012 in Cell Biochemistry and Function volume 30 issue 8 on pages 664 to 670

Authors: Dan-Dan Shi, Hu Shi, Dan Lu, Rui Li, Yu Zhang, Jun Zhang

Relationship between epicardial adipose tissue volume measured using coronary computed tomography angiography and atherosclerotic plaque characteristics in patients with severe coronary artery stenosis

Journal Article published 17 Sep 2013 in Journal of International Medical Research volume 41 issue 5 on pages 1520 to 1531

Authors: Dan-Dan Dong, Kai Wang, Dan Wang, Tong Zhang, Ying-Feng Tu, Bao-Zhong Shen

Special Series: Advances in the investigation of the structure-function relationship in nucleic acids and their assemblies

Journal Article published Jun 2009 in Biopolymers volume 91 issue 6 on pages v to v

Authors: Dan Fabris

Editors: Dan Fabris

Models of protein linear molecular motors for dynamic nanodevices

Journal Article published 2009 in Integr. Biol. volume 1 issue 2 on pages 150 to 169

Authors: Florin Fulga, Dan V. Nicolau, Jr, Dan V. Nicolau

Tolerância do sorgo granífero ao 2,4-D aplicado em pós-emergência

Journal Article published Dec 2010 in Planta Daninha volume 28 issue 4 on pages 785 to 792

Authors: H.A Dan, L.G.M Dan, A.L.L Barroso, R.S Oliveira Jr, N Guerra, C Feldkircher

Seletividade do herbicida tembotrione à cultura do milheto

Journal Article published Dec 2010 in Planta Daninha volume 28 issue 4 on pages 793 to 799

Authors: H.A Dan, A.L.L Barroso, L.G.M Dan, R.S Oliveira Jr, S.O Procópio, A.C.R Freitas, F.M Correa

A novel prenylated xanthone from the stems and leaves ofCalophyllum inophyllum

Journal Article published May 2011 in Natural Product Research volume 25 issue 9 on pages 905 to 908

Authors: Zhan-Lin Li, Dan Liu, Dan-Yi Li, Hui-Ming Hua

Asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of α-azido acrylates

Journal Article published Jan 2015 in Tetrahedron Letters volume 56 issue 1 on pages 192 to 194

Research funded by Ningxia Natural Science Foundation (NZ13046)

Authors: Yang Ji, Ping Xue, Dan-Dan Ma, Xue-Qiang Li, Peiming Gu, Rui Li

Seletividade do atrazine à cultura do milheto (Pennisetum glaucum)

Journal Article published 2010 in Planta Daninha volume 28 issue spe on pages 1117 to 1124

Authors: H.A. Dan, A.L.L. Barroso, S.O. Procópio, L.G.M. Dan, T.R. Finotti, R.L. Assis

Three-component domino reaction synthesis of highly functionalized bicyclic pyrrole derivatives

Journal Article published Feb 2014 in Tetrahedron volume 70 issue 5 on pages 1047 to 1054

Authors: Xue-Bing Chen, Xiao-Ying Wang, Dan-Dan Zhu, Sheng-Jiao Yan, Jun Lin

GPR78 promotes lung cancer cell migration and metastasis by activation of Gαq-Rho GTPase pathway

Journal Article published 30 Nov 2016 in BMB Reports volume 49 issue 11 on pages 623 to 628

Authors: Dan-Dan Dong, Hui Zhou, Gao Li

Fabrication of dual-responsive micelles based on the supramolecular interaction of cucurbit[8]uril

Journal Article published 2013 in Polym. Chem. volume 4 issue 2 on pages 242 to 245

Authors: Chao-Jian Chen, Dan-Dan Li, Hai-Bo Wang, Jie Zhao, Jian Ji

Influência do estádio de desenvolvimento de Cenchrus echinatus na supressão imposta por atrazine

Journal Article published Mar 2011 in Planta Daninha volume 29 issue 1 on pages 179 to 184

Authors: H.A. Dan, L.G.M. Dan, A.L.L. Barroso, R.S. Oliveira JR., D.G. Alonso, T.R. Finotti

Purification of azotophore membranes containing the nitrogenase from Azotobacter vinelandii

Journal Article published May 1974 in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications volume 58 issue 1 on pages 20 to 26

Authors: Dan W. Reed, Robert E. Toia, Dan Raveed

The BAD project: data mining, database and prediction of protein adsorption on surfaces

Journal Article published 2009 in Lab Chip volume 9 issue 7 on pages 891 to 900

Authors: Elena N. Vasina, Ewa Paszek, Dan V. Nicolau, Jr, Dan V. Nicolau

Synthesis and Functionalization of [60]Fullerene-Fused Imidazolines

Journal Article published 5 Apr 2013 in Organic Letters volume 15 issue 7 on pages 1532 to 1535

Authors: Cheng-Lin He, Rui Liu, Dan-Dan Li, San-E Zhu, Guan-Wu Wang

Simultaneous analysis of three bioactive compounds in Artemisia annua hairy root cultures by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography-diode array detector

Journal Article published 28 Oct 2010 in Phytochemical Analysis volume 21 issue 6 on pages 524 to 530

Authors: Dan-Dan Zhai, Jian-Jiang Zhong

Novel Tirucallane-Type Triterpenoids from Aphanamixis grandifolia

Journal Article published Nov 2011 in Chemistry & Biodiversity volume 8 issue 11 on pages 2025 to 2034

Authors: Jun-Song Wang, Yao Zhang, Dan-Dan Wei, Xiao-Bing Wang, Jun Luo, Ling-Yi Kong

Synthesis and insecticidal activity of anthranilic diamides with hydrazone substructure

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2015 in Chemical Papers volume 69 issue 7

Authors: Jian Wu, Dan-Dan Xie, Wei-Li Shan, Yong-Hui Zhao, Wei Zhang, Baoan Song, Song Yang, Juan Ma