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Journal Article published Aug 1993 in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal volume 12 issue 8 on page 692

Authors: Michael Dan, Dan Feigl

Liver X receptor as a drug target for the treatment of breast cancer

Journal Article published Jun 2016 in Anti-Cancer Drugs volume 27 issue 5 on pages 373 to 382

Authors: Ying Wu, Dan-dan Yu, Da-li Yan, Yong Hu, Dan Chen, Yun Liu, He-da Zhang, Shao-rong Yu, Hai-xia Cao, Ji-feng Feng

Treatment of severe iatrogenic quadriceps retraction in children

Journal Article published Jul 2004 in Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics B volume 13 issue 4 on pages 254 to 258

Authors: Gheorghe Burnei, Petre Neagoe, Bogdam A. Margineanu, Dan Daniela Dan, Petru O. Bucur

Acute Exercise and Growth Factors in Overweight Children

Journal Article published May 2004 in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise volume 36 issue Supplement on page S301???S302

Authors: Jennifer Larson, Dan Nemet, Frank Zaldivar, Dan M. Cooper


Journal Article published Sep 2000 in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal volume 19 issue 9 on pages 898 to 900

Authors: Dan Miron, Igor Sochotnick, Dan Yardeni, Bassem Kawar, Leonardo Siplovich

Childhood Obesity and the Exercise-induced Inflammatory Response

Journal Article published May 2006 in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise volume 38 issue Supplement on page S306

Authors: Robert G. McMurray, Frank Zaldivar, Jennifer Larson, Dan Nemet, Dan M. Cooper

Comparative results of the conservative treatment in clubfoot by two different protocols

Journal Article published Sep 2007 in Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics B volume 16 issue 5 on pages 317 to 321

Authors: Dan Cosma, Dana Vasilescu, Dan Vasilescu, Madalina Valeanu

Timing of Intracranial Hemorrhage During Extracorporeal Life Support

Journal Article published Nov 1996 in ASAIO Journal volume 42 issue 6 on pages 938 to 941

Authors: Dan A. Biehl, Dan L. Stewart, Nan H. Forti, Larry N. Cook

Desmin detection by facile prepared carbon quantum dots for early screening of colorectal cancer

Journal Article published Feb 2017 in Medicine volume 96 issue 5 on page e5521

Authors: Chang-feng Li, Zhen-kun Yan, Li-bo Chen, Jing-peng Jin, Dan-dan Li

Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection

Journal Article published Aug 2012 in Diseases of the Colon & Rectum volume 55 issue 8 on page e320

Authors: Dan-Dan Zhong, Jian-Ting Cai