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Prospective randomized study of two laparotomy incisions for gastrectomy: midline incision versus transverse incision

Journal Article published Sep 2004 in Gastric Cancer volume 7 issue 3

Authors: Tsuyoshi Inaba, Kota Okinaga, Ryoji Fukushima, Hisae Iinuma, Takashi Ogihara, Fujio Ogawa, Kota Iwasaki, Masanao Tanaka, Hideki Yamada

Aberrant signal transduction pathways in myeloproliferative neoplasms

Journal Article published 4 Sep 2008 in Leukemia volume 22 issue 10 on pages 1828 to 1840

Authors: J Kota, N Caceres, S N Constantinescu

Usefulness of immunomodulators for maturation of dendritic cells

Journal Article published 1 Aug 2004 in International Journal of Oncology

Authors: Takashi Ogihara, Hisae Iinuma, Kota Okinaga


Journal Article published Jan 1991 in Cancer Investigation volume 9 issue 3 on pages 321 to 323

Authors: Dan L. Longo, Dan L. Longo

Featuring the special issue guest editor: Dan Peer, Ph.D

Journal Article published Sep 2014 in Cancer Letters volume 352 issue 1 on page 1

Authors: Dan Peer

P107. Primary care clinicians’ knowledge of oral cancer: A Study of oral and general physicians in Kuala Muda & Kota Setar Districts, Malaysia

Journal Article published Jul 2011 in Oral Oncology volume 47 on page S108

Authors: F. Arishiya Thapasum, M. Faraz, M. Shamaz

The estimates of 5-year lung cancer prevalence in adult population in 2012

Journal Article published 10 Aug 2017 in Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology volume 47 issue 9 on pages 896 to 897

Authors: Kota Katanoda, Megumi Hori

2′-Hydroxy ceramide in membrane homeostasis and cell signaling

Journal Article published Jan 2014 in Advances in Biological Regulation volume 54 on pages 223 to 230

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (R01NS060807, P30CA138313, P20RR017677)

Authors: Venkatesh Kota, Hiroko Hama

Momelotinib in myelofibrosis: JAK1/2 inhibitor with a role in treating and understanding the anemia

Journal Article published Feb 2017 in Future Oncology volume 13 issue 5 on pages 395 to 407

Authors: Elliott F Winton, Vamsi Kota

Variable Bcl-2 phenotype in benign and malignant lesions of urothelium

Journal Article published Jun 1998 in Cancer Letters volume 128 issue 1 on pages 87 to 92

Authors: Vladimir N Bilim, Yoshihiko Tomita, Takashi Kawasaki, Masayuki Takeda, Kota Takahashi