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Conserved Protective Mechanisms in Radiation and Genetically Attenuated uis3(-) and uis4(-) Plasmodium Sporozoites

Journal Article published 13 Feb 2009 in PLoS ONE volume 4 issue 2 on page e4480

Authors: Kota Arun Kumar, Peter Baxter, Alice S. Tarun, Stefan H. I. Kappe, Victor Nussenzweig

Editors: Denise L. Doolan

Ion Concentration-Dependent Ion Conduction Mechanism of a Voltage-Sensitive Potassium Channel

Journal Article published 13 Feb 2013 in PLoS ONE volume 8 issue 2 on page e56342

Authors: Kota Kasahara, Matsuyuki Shirota, Kengo Kinoshita

Editors: Christof Markus Aegerter

A Novel Approach of Dynamic Cross Correlation Analysis on Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Its Application to Ets1 Dimer–DNA Complex

Journal Article published 7 Nov 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 11 on page e112419

Authors: Kota Kasahara, Ikuo Fukuda, Haruki Nakamura

Editors: Pratul K. Agarwal

Intra- and Inter-Subunit Disulfide Bond Formation Is Nonessential in Adeno-Associated Viral Capsids

Journal Article published 28 Feb 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 2 on page e32163

Authors: Nagesh Pulicherla, Pradeep Kota, Nikolay V. Dokholyan, Aravind Asokan

Editors: Jianming Qiu

Direct Binding of a Hepatitis C Virus Inhibitor to the Viral Capsid Protein

Journal Article published 28 Feb 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 2 on page e32207

Authors: Smitha Kota, Virginia Takahashi, Feng Ni, John K. Snyder, A. Donny Strosberg

Editors: Gunnar F. Kaufmann

Transetherification on Polyols by Intra- and Intermolecular Nucleophilic Substitutions

Journal Article published 24 Mar 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 3 on page e91912

Authors: Takahiro Muraoka, Kota Adachi, Rainy Chowdhury, Kazushi Kinbara

Editors: Spencer J. Williams

Specific Non-Local Interactions Are Not Necessary for Recovering Native Protein Dynamics

Journal Article published 13 Mar 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 3 on page e91347

Authors: Bhaskar Dasgupta, Kota Kasahara, Narutoshi Kamiya, Haruki Nakamura, Akira R. Kinjo

Editors: Freddie Salsbury

Potential Risk Factors of Persistent Low Back Pain Developing from Mild Low Back Pain in Urban Japanese Workers

Journal Article published 8 Apr 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 4 on page e93924

Authors: Ko Matsudaira, Hiroaki Konishi, Kota Miyoshi, Tatsuya Isomura, Kyoko Inuzuka

Editors: Laxmaiah Manchikanti

The Prevalence of Species and Strains in the Human Microbiome: A Resource for Experimental Efforts

Journal Article published 14 May 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 5 on page e97279

Authors: Laurens Kraal, Sahar Abubucker, Karthik Kota, Michael A. Fischbach, Makedonka Mitreva

Editors: Niyaz Ahmed

Social Interactions of Juvenile Brown Boobies at Sea as Observed with Animal-Borne Video Cameras

Journal Article published 4 May 2011 in PLoS ONE volume 6 issue 5 on page e19602

Authors: Ken Yoda, Miku Murakoshi, Kota Tsutsui, Hiroyoshi Kohno

Editors: Gonzalo García de Polavieja