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ABO-incompatible organ transplantation

Journal Article published Aug 2007 in Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation volume 12 issue 4 on pages 409 to 414

Authors: Kota Takahashi

Lasers and Light Devices A to Z

Journal Article published Oct 2005 in Annals of Plastic Surgery volume 55 issue 4 on pages 442 to 443

Authors: Kota Ichikawa

Massive Hemoptysis

Journal Article published Jul 1996 in Clinical Pulmonary Medicine volume 3 issue 4 on pages 208 to 213

Authors: Jeffrey McGovern, Kota Chetty


Journal Article published Mar 2005 in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery volume 115 issue 3 on page 966

Authors: Kota Ichikawa

Journal Article published 15 Jun 2003 in Spine volume 28 issue 12 on pages 1258 to 1262

Authors: Kota Suda, Kuniyoshi Abumi, Manabu Ito, Yasuhiro Shono, Kiyoshi Kaneda, Masanori Fujiya

Probability effects of response and stimulus on error-related negativity

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in NeuroReport volume 22 issue 17 on pages 902 to 905

Authors: Kota Suzuki, Haruo Shinoda


Journal Article published Jun 2010 in Spine volume 35 issue 14 on pages E621 to E622

Authors: Kota Watanabe, Lawrence G. Lenke, Michael Daubs, Kei Watanabe, Keith H. Bridwell, Georgia Stobbs, Marsha Hensley


Journal Article published Aug 1993 in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal volume 12 issue 8 on page 692

Authors: Michael Dan, Dan Feigl

Remodeling of the Cervical Facet Joint After Minimally Invasive Microendoscopic Resection for Cervical Osteoid Osteoma

Journal Article published Oct 2016 in SPINE volume 41 issue 19 on pages E1191 to E1194

Authors: Tomohiro Hikata, Nobuyuki Fujita, Akio Iwanami, Kota Watanabe, Masaya Nakamura, Morio Matsumoto, Ken Ishii

Estimates of Stiffness for Ankle-Foot Orthoses Are Sensitive to Loading Conditions

Journal Article published Oct 2010 in JPO Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics volume 22 issue 4 on pages 211 to 219

Authors: Kota Z. Takahashi, Steven J. Stanhope

Traction Versus Supine Side-bending Radiographs in Determining Flexibility

Journal Article published Nov 2007 in Spine volume 32 issue 23 on pages 2604 to 2609

Authors: Kota Watanabe, Noriaki Kawakami, Yuji Nishiwaki, Manabu Goto, Taichi Tsuji, Tetsuya Obara, Shiro Imagama, Morio Matsumoto

Noninvasive Endobronchial Zygomycosis: Clinical Observation and Review of the Literature

Journal Article published Mar 2000 in Clinical Pulmonary Medicine volume 7 issue 2 on pages 76 to 80

Authors: Ferras I. Hawari, Steve Marks, Kota G. Chetty, Maria G. Dacosta-Iyer, Catherine S.H. Sassoon

Feasibility of using event-related potentials as a sideline measure of neurocognitive dysfunction during sporting events

Journal Article published May 2013 in NeuroReport volume 24 issue 8 on pages 437 to 439

Authors: Srinivas Kota, Kathleen M. Kelsey, Joseph B. Rigoni, Dennis L. Molfese

Cerebral Abscess

Journal Article published Apr 2010 in Journal of Bronchology & Interventional Pulmonology volume 17 issue 2 on pages 165 to 166

Authors: Kota G. Chetty, Bindu K. Swaroop, Farhad Mazdisian

Comparison of Ocular Hypotensive Effect and Safety of Brinzolamide and Timolol Added to Latanoprost

Journal Article published Apr 2008 in Journal of Glaucoma volume 17 issue 3 on pages 233 to 237

Authors: Katsuya Miura, Kunio Ito, Chikahiro Okawa, Kota Sugimoto, Koichi Matsunaga, Yukitaka Uji

Traumatically Induced Vertebral Artery Occlusion Associated with Cervical Spine Injuries: Prospective Study Using Magnetic Resonance Angiography

Journal Article published Sep 2005 in Spine volume 30 issue 17 on pages 1955 to 1962

Authors: Hiroshi Taneichi, Kota Suda, Tomomichi Kajino, Kiyoshi Kaneda

Respiratory Infections Due to Group C Streptococci

Journal Article published Mar 2001 in Clinical Pulmonary Medicine volume 8 issue 2 on pages 66 to 69

Authors: Kota G. Chetty, Andre Vovan, C. Kees Mahutte

A Central Hook–Rod Construct for Osteotomy Closure

Journal Article published May 2008 in Spine volume 33 issue 10 on pages 1149 to 1155

Authors: Kota Watanabe, Lawrence G. Lenke, Michael D. Daubs, Young-Woo Kim, Youngbae B. Kim, Kei Watanabe, Georgia Stobbs


Journal Article published May 1998 in Transplantation volume 65 issue Supplement on page 217

Authors: Akihiro Kanematsu, Kazunari Tanabe, Nobuo Ishikawa, Tadahiko Tokumoto, Tadashi Oshima, Shouhei Fuchinoue, Kota Takahashi, Hiroshi Toma

Surgical Treatment for Atlantoaxial Subluxation With Myelopathy in Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Congenita

Journal Article published Nov 2004 in Spine volume 29 issue 21 on pages E488 to E491

Authors: Kota Miyoshi, Kozo Nakamura, Nobuhiko Haga, Yoji Mikami