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Creating State Shinto: The Great Promulgation Campaign and the New Religions

Journal Article published 1986 in Journal of Japanese Studies volume 12 issue 1 on page 29

Authors: Helen Hardacre

Kurozumikyo and the New Religions of Japan

Journal Article published 1988 in Journal of Japanese Studies volume 14 issue 1 on page 227

Authors: Carmen Blacker, Helen Hardacre

Japan's New Policy Agenda: Coping with Unequal Asset Distribution

Journal Article published 1989 in Journal of Japanese Studies volume 15 issue 2 on page 345

Authors: Tachibanaki Toshiaki

Japan's New Imperialism

Journal Article published 1992 in Journal of Japanese Studies volume 18 issue 2 on page 561

Authors: Donald K. Emmerson, Rob Steven

Brave New History

Journal Article published 1994 in Journal of Japanese Studies volume 20 issue 2 on page 459

Authors: Paul Anderer, David Pollack, James A. Fujii

Reading the New Tokugawa Intellectual Histories

Journal Article published 1996 in Journal of Japanese Studies volume 22 issue 1 on page 1

Authors: Samuel Hideo Yamashita

Prehistoric Japan: New Perspectives on Insular East Asia

Journal Article published 1998 in Journal of Japanese Studies volume 24 issue 2 on page 377

Authors: Sasaki Ken'ichi, Keiji Imamura

Japan's New Politics: The Case of the NPO Law

Journal Article published 2000 in Journal of Japanese Studies volume 26 issue 1 on page 111

Authors: Robert Pekkanen

Australia and Japan: Towards a New Security Partnership?

Journal Article published May 2008 in Japanese Studies volume 28 issue 1 on pages 73 to 86

Authors: David Walton

List of the new executive with contact addresses and phone numbers

Journal Article published Sep 1987 in Japanese Studies volume 7 issue 3 on pages 18 to 18

A new approach to Language teaching: The functional‐National method

Journal Article published Sep 1986 in Japanese Studies volume 6 issue 3 on pages 3 to 6

Authors: Vicky Cullen

At the A.N.U.: New appointments

Journal Article published Jun 1987 in Japanese Studies volume 7 issue 2 on pages 19 to 19

New Times in Modern Japan (review)

Journal Article published 2006 in The Journal of Japanese Studies volume 32 issue 1 on pages 155 to 159

Authors: Jordan Sand

Techno Politics in Presidential Campaigning: New Voices, New Technologies, and New Voters - Edited by John Allen Hendricks and Lynda Lee Kaid

Journal Article published 23 Feb 2012 in Presidential Studies Quarterly volume 42 issue 1 on pages 216 to 218

Authors: Melissa M. Smith

The rise of a JapaneseNew New Religion”: Themes in the development of Agonshū

Journal Article published 1 Nov 1988 in Japanese Journal of Religious Studies volume 15 issue 4

Authors: Ian Reader

New Voices, New Stories

Chapter published in European Cinema and Television

Authors: Leif Ove Larsen

Storying Research: Conducting Research in New Formats and New Voices

Conference Paper published 1 Mar 2014 in iConference 2014 Proceedings

Many voices

Journal Article published Aug 2013 in New Scientist volume 219 issue 2928 on page 30

Authors: Peter Harrison

New Voices, New Visions

Journal Article published 1995 in Leonardo volume 28 issue 4 on page 341

Authors: Sonya Rapoport

Lone Voices

Journal Article published Dec 2006 in New Scientist volume 192 issue 2581 on pages 44 to 45