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Gendered Characteristics of Female Learners’ Conversational Japanese

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in New Voices volume 5 on pages 103 to 129

Authors: Maki Yoshida, Monash University

Lessons From Japanese Family Homestays

Journal Article published Dec 2006 in New Voices volume 1 on pages 62 to 74

Authors: Mayumi Parry, Queensland University of Technology

Playing with multiple voices

Chapter published 2008 in Pragmatics & Beyond New Series on pages 91 to 130

Authors: Senko K. Maynard

Collaboration+feminism=new voices, new truths, new discourses

Journal Article published Feb 1997 in Women's Studies volume 26 issue 2 on pages 203 to 222

Authors: Janet Ellerby, Barbara Waxman

Voices from the Japanese Women's Movement

Book published 30 Nov 1995

New Voices

Journal Article published 1 Aug 2001 in Irish Studies Review volume 9 issue 2 on pages 247 to 249

Authors: Bruce Stewart

Broken Silence: Voices of Japanese Feminism

Journal Article published May 1998 in The Journal of Asian Studies volume 57 issue 2 on page 521

Authors: Barbara Molony, Sandra Buckley

Conversation Analysis of Boke-tsukkomi Exchange in Japanese Comedy

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in New Voices volume 5 on pages 147 to 173

Authors: Hideo Tsutsumi, University of New South Wales

Art History: New Voices/New Visions: A Preface

Journal Article published 1992 in Eighteenth-Century Studies volume 25 issue 4 on page 427

Authors: Mary D. Sheriff

Voices of Vulnerability and Resilience: Children and Their Recollections in Post-Earthquake Tokyo

Journal Article published Sep 2016 in Japanese Studies volume 36 issue 3 on pages 299 to 317

Authors: Janet Borland