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The Desperate Need for New Values in Japanese Corporate Behavior

Journal Article published 1991 in Journal of Japanese Studies volume 17 issue 1 on page 107

Authors: Haruo Shimada

Bridging the gaps: New views of Japanese colonialism, 1931–1945

Journal Article published Dec 2005 in Japanese Studies volume 25 issue 3 on pages 287 to 299

Authors: Sandra Wilson

Religion and the English People, 1500-1640: New Voices, New Perspectives

Journal Article published 2001 in Albion: A Quarterly Journal Concerned with British Studies volume 33 issue 4 on page 637

Authors: Lori Anne Ferrell, Eric Josef Carlson

New Voices in the History of German Women's Literature from the Middle Ages to 1600: Problems and New Approaches

Journal Article published Feb 2000 in German Studies Review volume 23 issue 1 on page 13

Authors: Albrecht Classen

Vox politica: acousmatic voices in Argentinean science fiction cinema

Journal Article published Mar 2011 in New Review of Film and Television Studies volume 9 issue 1 on pages 15 to 27

Authors: Mariano Paz

At Adelaide: New chair in East Asian studies

Journal Article published Jun 1987 in Japanese Studies volume 7 issue 2 on pages 19 to 19

New Voices, New Beginnings

Journal Article published 27 Feb 2014 in Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy volume 14 issue 1

Authors: Susan Hadley, Katrina Skewes McFerran, Brynjulf Stige

New Voices in Norwegian Educational Research

Chapter published 2013 in New Voices in Norwegian Educational Research on pages 1 to 5

Authors: Elisabeth Bjørnestad, Janicke Heldal Stray

Identities in Conflict: Making Sense of Voices from inside the War on Terror

Chapter published in Languaging in and across Communities: New Voices, New Identities

Panos London Illuminating Voices

Dataset published in African Studies Companion Online

Panos London Illuminating Voices

Dataset published in African Studies Companion Online

Critical Management Studies

Book published 22 Feb 2016

Urban Voices

Book published 1 Oct 1999

Cultural Studies’ Affective Voices

Book published 2006

Authors: Melissa Gregg

Voices from the Cane fields

Monograph published 25 Oct 2013

Authors: Franklin Odo

Local Voices, National Issues

Monograph published 2000

Editors: Sheila Smith

Japanese Women, Class and the Tea Ceremony

Book published 22 Jul 2010

Techno Politics in Presidential Campaigning

Book published 8 Nov 2010

The gaijin at home: A study of the use of the word gaijin by the Japanese speech community in Sydney, Australia

Journal Article published Jan 2011 in New Voices volume 4 on pages 32 to 56

Authors: Daniel Curits, University of New South Wales

The Untold History: Voices of Non-affiliated Jews in Chile, 1940–1990

Chapter published in The New Ethnic Studies in Latin America on pages 128 to 147

Authors: Valeria Navarro-Rosenblatt