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Ex-Day Behavior of Japanese Stock Prices: New Insights from New Methodology

Report published Aug 1990

Authors: Fumio Hayashi, Ravi Jagannathan

Record Voices of The Sizang Language of Burma

Report published 4 Feb 2015

Authors: Tyler Davis Tyler Davis

I Ask the World to Empathize: Voices of people on the move

Report published 15 Sep 2016

Authors: Edmund Cairns

Perceptions and Voices of South Sudanese About the North-South Sudan Conflict

Report published 1 Jan 2000

Authors: Machar Aleu-Baak

Groundwater Studies of southern New Brunswick

Report published 1965

Authors: M L Parsons

‘We’re Not There Yet...’ Voices of refugees from Syria in Lebanon

Report published 31 May 2017

Authors: Nour Shawaf, Francesca El Asmar

What Will Become of Us? Voices from around the world on drought and El Niño

Report published 13 Apr 2016

Authors: Debbie Hillier

Voices of our past: the rank and file movement in social work, 1931-1950

Report published 1 Jan 2000

Authors: Richard Hunter

A comparative study of perceptual ratings and fundamental frequency in female and male esophageal voices

Report published 1 Jan 2000

Authors: Anne Heinrich

Youth Voices of Bounty and Opportunity: High School Students' Experiences With Food and Community

Report published 1 Jan 2000

Authors: Kara Gilbert