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chapter 2 Manipulation of voices in the development of a story

Chapter published 2010 in Studies in Narrative on pages 23 to 60

Authors: Yuriko Sunakawa

Japanese Women, Class and the Tea Ceremony

Book published 22 Jul 2010

Techno Politics in Presidential Campaigning

Book published 8 Nov 2010

Kan Naoto: Symbol of a New Politics in Japan?

Journal Article published Sep 2010 in Japanese Studies volume 30 issue 2 on pages 283 to 294

Authors: Purnendra Jain

New Faces, New Voices

Monograph published 31 Jan 2010

Authors: Marisa Abrajano, R. Michael Alvarez

Book Review: Religious Voices in Public PlacesReligious Voices in Public Places. Edited by BiggarNigel and HoganLinda. New York: Oxford University, 2009. Pp. xi + 334. $120.

Journal Article published Dec 2010 in Theological Studies volume 71 issue 4 on pages 983 to 985

Authors: James Gerard McEvoy

Self-Censorship and New Voices in Pizarnik's Unpublished Manuscripts

Journal Article published Jun 2010 in Bulletin of Spanish Studies volume 87 issue 4 on pages 509 to 535

Authors: Fiona J. Mackintosh

New voices or old voices in political talk?

Conference Paper published 2010 in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance - ICEGOV '10

Authors: Taewoo Nam

VIA's visual voices: the awareness of a dedicated audience for voices in patient video narratives

Journal Article published Dec 2010 in Visual Studies volume 25 issue 3 on pages 201 to 209

Authors: Richard Chalfen, Laura Sherman, Michael Rich

Finding Mr Right: New Looks at Gendered Modernity in Japanese Televised Romances

Journal Article published Dec 2010 in Japanese Studies volume 30 issue 3 on pages 409 to 425

Authors: Debra J. Occhi, Cindi L. SturtzSreetharan, Janet S. Shibamoto-Smith