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Multiple laser irradiation of ORL organ tumors in photodynamic therapy

Conference Paper published 1995 in Proceedings of SPIE

Authors: V. V. Shental

ORL: an object retrieval language interface to an object algebra

Conference Paper published in [1992] Proceedings. The Sixteenth Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference

Authors: S.D. Urban, C. Lai, S. Saxena

Parallel programming and performance predictability with Orléans Skeleton Library

Conference Paper published Jul 2011 in 2011 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation

Authors: Noman Javed, Frederic Loulergue

Methods for evaluating and improving audiometric examinations - ORL system Fowler

Conference Paper published May 2012 in Proceedings of the 13th International Carpathian Control Conference (ICCC)

Authors: Viliam Dolinay, Lucie Pivnickova, Vladimir Vasek

Managing arbitrary distributions of arrays in Orléans Skeleton Library

Conference Paper published Jul 2013 in 2013 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS)

Authors: Joeffrey Legaux, Frederic Loulergue, Sylvain Jubertie

ORL Scheme for WiMAX and LTE System with Convolutionally Coded Spatial Multiplexing

Conference Paper published 2010 in ACIT - Information and Communication Technology

Authors: W. Yin, P. Xiao, C. Cowan, S. Liu, Q. Huang

Integrating optical fiber force sensors into microforceps for ORL microsurgery

Conference Paper published Aug 2010 in 2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Authors: B Bell, S Stankowski, B Moser, V Oliva, C Stieger, L-P Nolte, M Caversaccio, S Weber

Chirurgien ORL et Oral : double équipe pour le traitement chirurgical des sinusites chroniques

Conference Paper published 2015 in 63ème Congrès de la SFCO

Authors: M. Decréquy, A. Butel, B. Louvet, G. Di Bernardo, C. Lacheretz, L. Nawrocki, G. Mortuaire, D. Chevalier, JML Langlois

Editors: S. Boisramé, S. Cousty, J.-C. Deschaumes, V. Descroix, L. Devoize, P. Lesclous, C. Mauprivez, T. Fortin

Integrando mundos: a experiência da EBR – Educação Básica Revista, uma revista voltada para o saber escolar

Conference Paper published 9 May 2017 in Anais do Encontro de Usuários de Sistemas de Publicação 2017

Authors: Vitória Azevedo da Fonseca

Representações de gênero da Revista Idílio

Conference Paper published 9 Sep 2009 in IV Congresso Internacional de História

Authors: Renan Reis Fonseca