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Newman’s University

Journal Article published 1952 in Thought volume 27 issue 3 on pages 474 to 475

Authors: John E. Wise, Fordham University Press

Theology at the State University

Journal Article published 1965 in Thought volume 40 issue 4 on pages 506 to 514

Authors: William Paul Haas, Fordham University Press

Fordham University Commencement Address

Journal Article published 1972 in Thought volume 47 issue 3 on pages 325 to 329

Authors: Kurt Waldheim, Fordham University Press

The Protean Catholic University

Journal Article published 1973 in Thought volume 48 issue 4 on pages 465 to 473

Authors: Walter P. Krolikowski, Fordham University Press

Religion in the University

Journal Article published 1929 in Thought volume 4 issue 1 on pages 79 to 94

Authors: J. Fitzgerald, Fordham University Press

Scientific Humanism and the University

Journal Article published 1968 in Thought volume 43 issue 3 on pages 409 to 428

Authors: Enrico Cantore, Fordham University Press

The University in the Public Service

Journal Article published 1947 in Thought volume 22 issue 1 on pages 5 to 8

Authors: James Forrestal, Fordham University Press

The Catholic University: A Modern Appraisal

Journal Article published 1971 in Thought volume 46 issue 1 on pages 119 to 124

Authors: Jacques Barzun, Fordham University Press

The Secularist Temper in University Life

Journal Article published 1949 in Thought volume 24 issue 1 on pages 25 to 30

Authors: Raymond J. Sontag, Fordham University Press

Fifteenth Century Books at the University of Illinois

Journal Article published 1952 in Thought volume 27 issue 2 on pages 318 to 320

Authors: Hans Nachod, Fordham University Press