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Disproportionate Clean Air Act violations occur in communities of color throughout the United States

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 22 April 2024 in Environmental Research Letters

Authors: Gaige Hunter Kerr | Richard A. Stedman | Susan C Anenberg

The Effect of Ex Ante Litigation Risk on Corporate Fraud: Evidence from Securities Class Action Act in Korea*

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2024 in Finance Research Letters

Authors: Seungho Choi | Yong Kyu Gam | Yong Hyuck Kim | Hojong Shin

Does anti-immigration policy lead to protectionism? Evidence from the Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 March 2024 in Applied Economics Letters

Authors: Jeff Chan

Survey of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan and International Standard Framework for De-identification

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2024 in IIAI Letters on Business and Decision Science

Authors: Sanggyu Shin

A Study On Satisfaction Level Of School Teachers About Maternity Benefit Act 1961 In Jalandhar

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 December 2023 in Migration Letters

Authors: Ms. Sapna Sharma | Dr. JK Gulati

Power sector impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 January 2024 in Environmental Research Letters

Research funded by DOE (DE-AC36-08GO28308) | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (DE-AC02-05CH11231)

Authors: John E T Bistline | Maxwell Brown | Maya Domeshek | Cara Marcy | Nicholas Roy | Geoffrey Blanford | Dallas Burtraw | Jamil Farbes | Allen Fawcett | Anne Hamilton | Jesse Jenkins | Ryan Jones | Ben King | Hannah Kolus | John Larsen | Amanda Levin | Megan Mahajan | Erin Mayfield | James McFarland | Haewon McJeon | Robbie Orvis | Neha Patankar | Kevin Rennert | Sally Robson | Christopher Roney | Ethan Russell | Greg Schivley | Daniel Shawhan | Daniel Steinberg | Nadejda Victor | Shelley Wenzel | John Weyant | Ryan Wiser | Mei Yuan | Alicia Zhao

A balancing act: the interplay of food supply chain resilience and environmental sustainability in American cities

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2023 in Environmental Research Letters

Research funded by National Science Foundation (2244715)

Authors: Michael Gomez | Caitlin Grady

Inland Waters can Act as Nitrous Oxide Sinks: Observation and Modeling Reveal that Nitrous Oxide Undersaturation May Partially Offset Emissions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 16 November 2023 in Geophysical Research Letters

Authors: K. S. Aho | T. Maavara | K. M. Cawley | P. A. Raymond

Cryptocurrencies and the threat versus the act event of geopolitical risk

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2023 in Finance Research Letters

Authors: Md Rajib Kamal | Ranik Raaen Wahlstrøm

Curvature Heterogeneities Act as Singular Perturbations to Smooth Laplacian Fields: A Fluid Mechanics Demonstration

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 October 2023 in Physical Review Letters

Authors: Stéphane Guillet | Benjamin Guiselin | Mariem Boughzala | Vassili Desages | Denis Bartolo

The Ideal of the ‘State Church', the Concept of the Messianic Act and the Case of Peter in the Historiosophy of Valerian Muravyov

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2023 in Philosophical Letters. Russian and European Dialogue

Authors: A. G. Gacheva | A. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Impact of New York state nurse practitioners modernization act on quality of care

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2023 in Economics Letters

Authors: Agnitra RoyChoudhury | Kameliia Petrova

Do NFTs act as a good hedge and safe haven against Cryptocurrency fluctuations?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2023 in Finance Research Letters

Authors: Anoop S Kumar | Steven Raj Padakandla

An economic approach to gun control: analysis of the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 August 2023 in Applied Economics Letters

Authors: Joseph G. Eisenhauer

Act Before Another Is Aware: Safeguarding Backscatter Systems With Covert Communications

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2023 in IEEE Wireless Communications Letters

Research funded by Science and Technology Development Fund, Macau, SAR (0018/2019/AMJ,0110/2020/A3,0029/2021/AGJ)

Authors: Bowen Gu | Hao Xie | Dong Li

MicroRNA‑153 may act as a potential biomarker and prognostic indicator of patients with gastric cancer

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 May 2023 in Oncology Letters

Authors: Tian Li | Dong Guo | Xiaoyan Xu | Peng Liu | Ping Wang | Yongcun Zhu | Lin Lin | Yemin Qu | Feng Liu | Yanliu Chu | Xiaozhong Gao

Can altcoins act as hedges or safe-havens for Bitcoin?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2023 in Finance Research Letters

Authors: Yi Li | Brian Lucey | Andrew Urquhart

A novel ensemble model with two-stage learning for joint dialog act recognition and sentiment classification

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2023 in Pattern Recognition Letters

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61906174,62036010,62276238) | China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2020M672275,2022T150590) | Henan Provincial Science and Technology Research Project (222102210248)

Authors: Yujun Xu | Enguang Yao | Chaoyue Liu | Qidong Liu | Mingliang Xu

Going green: Do green bonds act as a hedge and safe haven for stock sector risk?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2023 in Finance Research Letters

Authors: Monika Chopra | Chhavi Mehta

Withholding matters: The impact of Act 32 on compliance with the earned income tax

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2022 in Economics Letters

Authors: Sutirtha Bagchi