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Mylène Sauloy, Danse avec les ruines (Dancing through the Ruins). 2002, 52 minutes. In Chechen and Russian (with French subtitles). Contact:>, < - Jos de Putter, Dans, Grozny Dans (The Damned and the Sacred). 2002, 75 minutes. Contact:

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2003 in Nationalities Papers

Authors: Aude Merlin

Liberation: The User’s Guide (Manuel de libération), directed by Alexander Kuznetsov. Produced by Rebecca Houzel, Petit à petit production (Paris). 2016, 80 minutes. Russian with English subtitles. Contacts: Livia Bloom, Icarus Films (North America),; Morgane Delay, Wide House (Paris), Webpage: Shown at the ASN 2017 World Convention

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 March 2018 in Nationalities Papers

Authors: Andrea Mazzarino

The Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria (MIR) and the armed resistance in Chile during the institutionalization of the dictatorship (1978-1990)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2021 in Review of Nationalities

Authors: Igor Goicovic

Lights on the emergence backgrounds of the de facto autonomy of North and East Syria (NES). Its features of quasi state and interdependence with roots of the Kurdish question in Syria

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2022 in Review of Nationalities

Authors: Khoushnaw Tillo


BOOK CHAPTER published 11 April 2019 in Nationalism and Policy Toward the Nationalities in the Soviet Union

Authors: Gerhard Simon