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BOOK CHAPTER published in Encyclopedia of Cancer

Abstract 2720: Unbiased identification of RNA splicing-defined patient populations in lung adenocarcinoma

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 June 2022 in Cancer Research

Authors: Audrey Crowther

Abstract 2720: Glycosylation of Mucins Expressed in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 April 2010 in Cancer Research

Authors: Neeley Remmers | Christy Rothermund-Franklin | Thomas Caffrey | Michael A. Hollingsworth

Abstract 2720: Engineering sweeping antibodies for the clearance of tumor-derived, pro-tumorigenic cytokines

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 22 March 2024 in Cancer Research

Authors: Jillian M. Baker | Nevil J. Singh | Tim Luetkens

Accurate TMB Biomarker Analysis Requires Ancestry-Specific Correction

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 December 2022 in Cancer Discovery

Abstract 2720: The GPC3 metastasis suppressor induces the activation of p38 MAPK signaling pathway promoting dormancy at the secondary organ

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 August 2020 in Cancer Research

Authors: Magali Delgado Pastore | Macarena Guereño | Ana C. Lugones | Maria G. Peters

d-2HG Inhibits Effector T Cells by Altering Metabolic Programming

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 December 2022 in Cancer Discovery

Abstract 2720: Toll-like receptor 4 immunoreactivity in mammary tumors chemically induced in female Sprague-Dawley rats

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 August 2015 in Cancer Research

Authors: Joyce Regina Zapaterini | Muriele Bertagna Varuzza | Nelci Antunes Moura | Maria Aparecida Marchesan Rodrigues | Luis Fernando Barbisan

Abstract 2720: Perivascular accumulation of immunosuppressive cells in the stroma of human triple negative breast carcinomas: implications for immunotherapy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 July 2021 in Cancer Research

Authors: Mohammed Ridha Moamin | Richard J. Allen | Nicholas Stavrou | Mate Nagy | Anna Juncker-Jensen | Claire E. Lewis

Abstract 2720: Newly established Barrett's adenocarcinoma cell line (TYAE-1).

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 April 2013 in Cancer Research

Authors: Yutaka Shimada | Makoto Moriyama | Tomoyuki Okumura | Shinichi Sekine | Shigeaki Sawada | Koshi Matsui | Shozo Hojo | Kazuto Shibuya | Isaku Yoshioka | Toru Yoshida | Takuya Nagata | Kazuhiro Tsukada

Abstract 2720: The CD47-blocking innate immune checkpoint inhibitor, TTI-621, triggers CD47-mediated tumor cell apoptosis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 July 2018 in Cancer Research

Authors: Julia Bershadsky Izrailit | Natasja Nielsen Viller | Xinli Pang | Penka S. Petrova | Robert A. Uger | Jeff Winston | Emma Linderoth

Abstract 2720: Sym004, a novel anti-EGFR antibody mixture augments radiation response in human lung and head and neck cancer models

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 April 2012 in Cancer Research

Authors: Shyhmin Huang | Eric A. Armstrong | Michael Kragh | Mikkel W. Pedersen | Paul M. Harari

Abstract 2720: In vitro evaluation of a novel chemotherapeutic agent, NecroX-7, in human Burkitt lymphoma cells

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 October 2014 in Cancer Research

Authors: Eun- Jung Kim | Eun Sol Lee | Keon- Il Im | Soon H. Kim | Jung- Yeon Lim | Nayoun Kim | Seok- Goo Cho

Abstract 2720: Cidofovir modulates HPV E6 and E7 as well as p53, Rb and MDM2 in HPV16 naturally transformed head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and enhances chemosensitivity to Cisplatin

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 April 2011 in Cancer Research

Authors: Jung Je Park | Pavan K Kommareddi | Thankam S. Nair | Ji Hyun Seo | Sea-Yuong Jeon | Sang Yoon Kim | Mark E. Prince | Carol R. Bradford | Thomas E. Carey

Abstract 2720: Enhancing oral delivery of plant-derived vesicles

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 April 2023 in Cancer Research

Authors: Yuan Liu | Adrian Lankenau-Ahumada | Emine Bayraktar | Paul Schwartz | Mamur Chowdhury | Sixiang Shi | Manu M. Sebastian | Htet Khant | Natalia De Val | Zuliang Jie | Nicholas B. Jennings | Cristian Rodriguez-Aguayo | Jody Swain | Elaine Stur | Lingegowda S. Mangala | Yutuan Wu | Supriya Nagaraju | Brooke Erimas | Chun Li | Gabriel Lopez-Berestein | Janet Braam | Anil K. Sood

Correction: PTEN Deletion in Prostate Cancer Cells Does Not Associate with Loss of RAD51 Function: Implications for Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 May 2012 in Clinical Cancer Research

SH2/SH3 Domains

BOOK CHAPTER published in Encyclopedia of Cancer

Authors: Joseph H. McCarty

Sezary Syndrome

BOOK CHAPTER published in Encyclopedia of Cancer

Authors: Elizabeth Knobler | Robert Knobler

Melanoma-Associated Retinopathy

BOOK CHAPTER published 2015 in Encyclopedia of Cancer

Authors: Claudia Pföhler


BOOK CHAPTER published 2015 in Encyclopedia of Cancer

Authors: David E. Blask | Richard G. Stevens