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Deception research today

Journal Article published 25 Mar 2014 in Frontiers in Psychology volume 5

Authors: Matthias Gamer, Wolfgang Ambach

Soziale Aufmerksamkeit

Chapter published in Aufmerksamkeit

Authors: Aleya Flechsenhar, Marius Rubo, Matthias Gamer

Basic and applied research on deception and its detection

Book published 2014 in Frontiers Research Topics

Editors: Wolfgang Ambach, Matthias Gamer

Detecting Concealed Knowledge From Ocular Responses

Chapter published 2018 in Detecting Concealed Information and Deception on pages 169 to 186

Authors: Matthias Gamer, Yoni Pertzov

Detecting concealed information using autonomic measures

Chapter published in Memory Detection on pages 27 to 45

Authors: Matthias Gamer

Editors: Bruno Verschuere, Gershon Ben-Shakhar, Ewout Meijer

Portrait of a Lie

Journal Article published Feb 2009 in Scientific American Mind volume 20 issue 1 on pages 50 to 55

Authors: Matthias Gamer

Oxytocin specifically enhances valence-dependent parasympathetic responses

Journal Article published Jan 2012 in Psychoneuroendocrinology volume 37 issue 1 on pages 87 to 93

Authors: Matthias Gamer, Christian Büchel

Testing the Egocentric Mirror-Rotation Hypothesis

Journal Article published 1 Nov 2010 in Seeing and Perceiving volume 23 issue 5 on pages 373 to 383

Authors: Cornelius Muelenz, Matthias Gamer, Heiko Hecht

Physiological Measures in the Detection of Deception and Concealed Information

Chapter published 2018 in Detecting Concealed Information and Deception on pages 3 to 33

Authors: Wolfgang Ambach, Matthias Gamer

Diagnostic Features of Emotional Expressions Are Processed Preferentially

Journal Article published 25 Jul 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 7 on page e41792

Authors: Elisa Scheller, Christian Büchel, Matthias Gamer

Editors: David Whitney

Social content and emotional valence modulate gaze fixations in dynamic scenes

Journal Article published 28 Feb 2018 in Scientific Reports volume 8 issue 1

Authors: Marius Rubo, Matthias Gamer

5-HTTLPR modulates the recognition accuracy and exploration of emotional facial expressions

Journal Article published 23 Jul 2014 in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience volume 8

Authors: Sabrina Boll, Matthias Gamer

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Chapter published in Gamer Theory

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Chapter published in Gamer Theory


Chapter published in Gamer Theory


Chapter published in Gamer Theory

Battle (on Rez)

Chapter published in Gamer Theory


Chapter published in Gamer Theory on pages 1 to 6

Gamer Theory

Monograph published 31 Jan 2007

Authors: McKenzie Wark


Book published 1999

Authors: Udo Gamer, Werner Mack