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New Developmental Evidence Clarifies the Evolution of Wrist Bones in the Dinosaur–Bird Transition

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 September 2014 in PLoS Biology

Authors: João Francisco Botelho | Luis Ossa-Fuentes | Sergio Soto-Acuña | Daniel Smith-Paredes | Daniel Nuñez-León | Miguel Salinas-Saavedra | Macarena Ruiz-Flores | Alexander O. Vargas

Editors: Clifford J. Tabin

Notch-Deficient Skin Induces a Lethal Systemic B-Lymphoproliferative Disorder by Secreting TSLP, a Sentinel for Epidermal Integrity

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 27 May 2008 in PLoS Biology

Authors: Shadmehr Demehri | Zhenyi Liu | Jonghyeob Lee | Meei-Hua Lin | Seth D Crosby | Christopher J Roberts | Perry W Grigsby | Jeffrey H Miner | Andrew G Farr | Raphael Kopan

Editors: Hidde L Ploegh

Neuronal Migration and Ventral Subtype Identity in the Telencephalon Depend on SOX1

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 May 2005 in PLoS Biology

Authors: Antigoni Ekonomou | Ilias Kazanis | Stavros Malas | Heather Wood | Pavlos Alifragis | Myrto Denaxa | Domna Karagogeos | Andrew Constanti | Robin Lovell-Badge | Vasso Episkopou

Editors: Thomas M. Jessell

The LHX2-OTX2 transcriptional regulatory module controls retinal pigmented epithelium differentiation and underlies genetic risk for age-related macular degeneration

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 January 2023 in PLOS Biology

Research funded by Israel Science Foundation (1128/20) | United States - Israel Binational Science Foundation (2013016) | European Cooperation in Science and Technology (CA18116) | Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel (3-17557)

Authors: Mazal Cohen-Gulkar | Ahuvit David | Naama Messika-Gold | Mai Eshel | Shai Ovadia | Nitay Zuk-Bar | Maria Idelson | Yamit Cohen-Tayar | Benjamin Reubinoff | Tamar Ziv | Meir Shamay | Ran Elkon | Ruth Ashery-Padan

Editors: Sui Wang

IRE1-Independent Gain Control of the Unfolded Protein Response

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 August 2004 in PLoS Biology

Authors: Jess H Leber | Sebastián Bernales | Peter Walter

Structural Basis of Rap Phosphatase Inhibition by Phr Peptides

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 March 2013 in PLoS Biology

Authors: Francisca Gallego del Sol | Alberto Marina

Editors: Michael T. Laub

In “Cryptic” Population Dynamics, Absence of Evidence Is Not Evidence of Absence

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 September 2007 in PLoS Biology

Authors: Richard Robinson

The Retromer Complex Is Required for Rhodopsin Recycling and Its Loss Leads to Photoreceptor Degeneration

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 April 2014 in PLoS Biology

Authors: Shiuan Wang | Kai Li Tan | Melina A. Agosto | Bo Xiong | Shinya Yamamoto | Hector Sandoval | Manish Jaiswal | Vafa Bayat | Ke Zhang | Wu-Lin Charng | Gabriela David | Lita Duraine | Kartik Venkatachalam | Theodore G. Wensel | Hugo J. Bellen

Editors: Claude Desplan

ADAR-mediated regulation of PQM-1 expression in neurons impacts gene expression throughout C. elegans and regulates survival from hypoxia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 25 September 2023 in PLOS Biology

Research funded by National Science Foundation (191750) | National Institute of General Medical Sciences (R01 GM130759) | John R. and Wendy L. Kindig (Fellowship) | Office of Research Infrastructure Programs, National Institutes of Health (P40 OD010440)

Authors: Ananya Mahapatra | Alfa Dhakal | Aika Noguchi | Pranathi Vadlamani | Heather A. Hundley

Editors: Wendy V. Gilbert

Intramembrane ionic protein–lipid interaction regulates integrin structure and function

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 November 2018 in PLOS Biology

Authors: Jun Guo | Youhua Zhang | Hua Li | Huiying Chu | Qinshu Wang | Shutan Jiang | Yan Li | Hongbin Shen | Guohui Li | Jianfeng Chen | Chenqi Xu

Editors: Paula Oliver

An AI-guided screen identifies probucol as an enhancer of mitophagy through modulation of lipid droplets

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 March 2023 in PLOS Biology

Research funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (PJT-156186)

Authors: Natalia Moskal | Naomi P. Visanji | Olena Gorbenko | Vijay Narasimhan | Hannah Tyrrell | Jess Nash | Peter N. Lewis | G. Angus McQuibban

Editors: Rong Tian

Diversifying Selection in Plant Breeding

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 October 2004 in PLoS Biology

Authors: Susan McCouch

Histone Deacetylase Complexes Promote Trinucleotide Repeat Expansions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 February 2012 in PLoS Biology

Authors: Kim Debacker | Aisling Frizzell | Olive Gleeson | Lucy Kirkham-McCarthy | Tony Mertz | Robert S. Lahue

Editors: Nancy Maizels

Getting the Measure of Positional Information

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 March 2009 in PLoS Biology

Authors: Johannes Jaeger | Alfonso Martinez-Arias

Cell shape anisotropy contributes to self-organized feather pattern fidelity in birds

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 October 2022 in PLOS Biology

Research funded by H2020 European Research Council (639060)

Authors: Camille Curantz | Richard Bailleul | María Castro-Scherianz | Magdalena Hidalgo | Melina Durande | François Graner | Marie Manceau

Editors: Marianne E. Bronner

The Cdk8/19-cyclin C transcription regulator functions in genome replication through metazoan Sld7

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 January 2019 in PLOS Biology

Authors: Kerstin Köhler | Luis Sanchez-Pulido | Verena Höfer | Anika Marko | Chris P. Ponting | Ambrosius P. Snijders | Regina Feederle | Aloys Schepers | Dominik Boos

Editors: Scott Keeney

Mycn regulates intestinal development through ribosomal biogenesis in a zebrafish model of Feingold syndrome 1

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 November 2022 in PLOS Biology

Research funded by Chinese National Key Research and Development Project (2019YFA0802402) | Chinese National Key Research and Development Projecr (2018YFC1003203) | National Scientific Foundation of China (32050109) | National Scientific Foundation of China (31970757) | National Scientific Foundation of China (31900576)

Authors: Yun-Fei Li | Tao Cheng | Ying-Jie Zhang | Xin-Xin Fu | Jing Mo | Guo-Qin Zhao | Mao-Guang Xue | Ding-Hao Zhuo | Yan-Yi Xing | Ying Huang | Xiao-Zhi Sun | Dan Wang | Xiang Liu | Yang Dong | Xiao-Sheng Zhu | Feng He | Jun Ma | Dong Chen | Xi Jin | Peng-Fei Xu

Editors: Bon-Kyoung Koo

Unique Double-Barreled Enzyme Makes Methionine the Hard Way

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 December 2004 in PLoS Biology

Fungus Holds Clues to the Evolution of Sex Chromosomes

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 November 2004 in PLoS Biology

PLoS Biology Issue Image | Vol. 7(10) October 2009

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 27 October 2009 in PLoS Biology