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β-Arrestin1 and β-Arrestin2 Are Required to Support the Activity of the CXCL12/HMGB1 Heterocomplex on CXCR4

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 18 September 2020 in Frontiers in Immunology

Research funded by Seventh Framework Programme (ADITEC- 280873) | Schweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (3100A0-143718/1,310030-182727,31003A-179248,310030-189144) | National Institutes of Health (GM106727-06A1)

Authors: Gianluca D’Agostino | Marc Artinger | Massimo Locati | Laurent Perez | Daniel F. Legler | Marco E. Bianchi | Curzio Rüegg | Marcus Thelen | Adriano Marchese | Marco B. L. Rocchi | Valentina Cecchinato | Mariagrazia Uguccioni

Clinical Applications of Gamma Delta T Cells with Multivalent Immunity

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 11 December 2014 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Drew C. Deniger | Judy S. Moyes | Laurence J. N. Cooper

Nanoparticle Platforms for Antigen-Specific Immune Tolerance

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 May 2020 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Edward B. Thorp | Christian Boada | Clarens Jarbath | Xunrong Luo

Advancements in the treatment of mycosis fungoides and Sézary syndrome: monoclonal antibodies, immunotherapies, and Janus kinase inhibitors

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 November 2023 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Iman Quadri | John C. Reneau | Walter Hanel | Catherine G. Chung

Complement and Chlamydia psittaci: Early Complement-Dependent Events Are Important for DC Migration and Protection During Mouse Lung Infection

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 March 2021 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Martin Kohn | Christian Lanfermann | Robert Laudeley | Silke Glage | Claudia Rheinheimer | Andreas Klos

S100A9 tetramers, which are ligands of CD85j, increase the ability of MVAHIV-primed NK cells to control HIV infection

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2015 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Uriel Y. Moreno-Nieves

SARS-CoV-2 antibody responses before and after a third dose of the BNT162b2 vaccine in Italian healthcare workers aged ≤60 years: One year of surveillance

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 September 2022 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Monica Franzese | Luigi Coppola | Romina Silva | Stefano Angelo Santini | Luigi Cinquanta | Cosimo Ottomano | Marco Salvatore | Mariarosaria Incoronato

Influenza A Virus Infection Induces Hyperresponsiveness in Human Lung Tissue-Resident and Peripheral Blood NK Cells

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 May 2019 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Marlena Scharenberg | Sindhu Vangeti | Eliisa Kekäläinen | Per Bergman | Mamdoh Al-Ameri | Niclas Johansson | Klara Sondén | Sara Falck-Jones | Anna Färnert | Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren | Jakob Michaëlsson | Anna Smed-Sörensen | Nicole Marquardt

Phenotyping of Adaptive Immune Responses in Inflammatory Diseases

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 25 November 2020 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Jens Y. Humrich | Joana P. Bernardes | Ralf J. Ludwig | David Klatzmann | Alexander Scheffold

Complement Factor H Inhibits Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Autoantibody-Induced Neutrophil Activation by Interacting With Neutrophils

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 March 2018 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Su-Fang Chen | Feng-Mei Wang | Zhi-Ying Li | Feng Yu | Min Chen | Ming-Hui Zhao

Low Levels of Factor H Family Proteins During Meningococcal Disease Indicate Systemic Processes Rather Than Specific Depletion by Neisseria meningitidis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 May 2022 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Anna E. van Beek | Richard B. Pouw | Victoria J. Wright | Neneh Sallah | David Inwald | Clive Hoggart | Mieke C. Brouwer | Rachel Galassini | John Thomas | Leo Calvo-Bado | Colin G. Fink | Ilse Jongerius | Martin Hibberd | Diana Wouters | Michael Levin | Taco W. Kuijpers

Gene Expression Analysis of the Bone Marrow Microenvironment Reveals Distinct Immunotypes in Smoldering Multiple Myeloma Associated to Progression to Symptomatic Disease

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 22 November 2021 in Frontiers in Immunology

Research funded by Instituto de Salud Carlos III (PI16/00423, PI19/00669, PI20/00436)

Authors: Ignacio Isola | Fara Brasó-Maristany | David F. Moreno | Mari-Pau Mena | Aina Oliver-Calders | Laia Paré | Luis Gerardo Rodríguez-Lobato | Beatriz Martin-Antonio | María Teresa Cibeira | Joan Bladé | Laura Rosiñol | Aleix Prat | Ester Lozano | Carlos Fernández de Larrea

Trials and Tribulations with VH Replacement

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2014 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Wenzhao Meng | Sahana Jayaraman | Bochao Zhang | Gregory W. Schwartz | Robert D. Daber | Uri Hershberg | Alfred L. Garfall | Christopher S. Carlson | Eline T. Luning Prak

Editorial: Vaccines and Immunostimulants for Finfish

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 September 2020 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Hetron M. Munang'andu | Irene Salinas | Carolina Tafalla | Roy Ambli Dalmo

Evaluating the risk of ischemic stroke at a young age in patients with autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases: a population-based cohort study in Taiwan

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 February 2024 in Frontiers in Immunology

Research funded by National Cheng Kung University Hospital (NCKUH-10803039)

Authors: Ya-Chun Huang | Edward Chia-Cheng Lai | Tzu-Chi Liao | Meng-Yu Weng

Successful first-line treatment of simultaneous multiple primary malignancies of lung adenocarcinoma and renal clear cell carcinoma: A case report

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 August 2022 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Xiaojun Ye | Xiangliang Liu | Na Yin | Wei Song | Jin Lu | Yi Yang | Xiao Chen

CSF levels of Chitinase3like1 correlate with early response to cladribine in multiple sclerosis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 February 2024 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Damiano Marastoni | Matteo Foschi | Chiara Eccher | Francesco Crescenzo | Valentina Mazziotti | Agnese Tamanti | Albulena Bajrami | Valentina Camera | Stefano Ziccardi | Maddalena Guandalini | Francesca Bosello | Daniela Anni | Federica Virla | Ermanna Turano | Michele Romoli | Raffaella Mariotti | Francesca Benedetta Pizzini | Bruno Bonetti | Massimiliano Calabrese

MGMT unmethylation and high levels of CD47 and TIGIT indicate a poor prognosis in adult diffuse gliomas

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 February 2024 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Lingbo Ma | Yi Shi | Chang Li | Bin Deng | Jinfang Jiang | Yuwen Cao | Lianghai Wang | Hongyan Li

CD70 Deficiency due to a Novel Mutation in a Patient with Severe Chronic EBV Infection Presenting As a Periodic Fever

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 January 2018 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Roberta Caorsi | Marta Rusmini | Stefano Volpi | Sabrina Chiesa | Claudia Pastorino | Angela Rita Sementa | Paolo Uva | Alice Grossi | Edoardo Lanino | Maura Faraci | Francesca Minoia | Sara Signa | Paolo Picco | Alberto Martini | Isabella Ceccherini | Marco Gattorno

Single-cell sequencing combined with machine learning reveals the mechanism of interaction between epilepsy and stress cardiomyopathy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 27 January 2023 in Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Xuanrui Ji | Quanwei Pei | Junpei Zhang | Pengqi Lin | Bin Li | Hongpeng Yin | Jingmei Sun | Dezhan Su | Xiufen Qu | Dechun Yin