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CD161 expression defines new human γδ T cell subsets

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2022 in Immunity & Ageing

Research funded by Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation (10509) | National Health and Medical Research Council (1031652 & 1131732) | National Health and Medical Research Council (1137285)

Authors: Amali Karunathilaka | Samuel Halstrom | Patricia Price | Michael Holt | Viviana P. Lutzky | Denise L. Doolan | Andreas Kupz | Scott C. Bell | Rachel M. Thomson | John J. Miles | Champa N. Ratnatunga

Alzheimer's disease: new diagnostic and therapeutic tools

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2008 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Marco Racchi | Daniela Uberti | Stefano Govoni | Maurizio Memo | Cristina Lanni | Sonya Vasto | Giuseppina Candore | Calogero Caruso | Loriana Romeo | Giovanni Scapagnini

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2004 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Marc E Weksler

Exercise improves cognitive dysfunction and neuroinflammation in mice through Histone H3 lactylation in microglia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 November 2023 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Hao Han | Yawei Zhao | Junda Du | Sushan Wang | Xuehan Yang | Weijie Li | Jiayi Song | Siwei Zhang | Ziyi Zhang | Yongfei Tan | Grant M. Hatch | Ming Zhang | Li Chen

Immunological and senescence biomarker profiles in patients after spontaneous clearance of hepatitis C virus: gender implications for long-term health risk

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 November 2023 in Immunity & Ageing

Research funded by Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (FJC2020-042865-I,CB21/13/00044,CB21/13/00044,CB21/13/00044,CB21/13/00044,CB21/13/00044,CB21/13/00044,CB21/13/00044,CB21/13/00044,CB21/13/00044,CB21/13/00044,PID2021–126781OB-I00) | Consorcio Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red (CB 2021,CB 2021,CB 2021,CB 2021,CB 2021,CB 2021,CB 2021,CB 2021,CB 2021,CB 2021,CB 2021) | Instituto de Salud Carlos III (CP17CIII/00007,CP14/0010) | Fundación Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (1.010.932)

Authors: Rubén Martín-Escolano | Erick Joan Vidal-Alcántara | Javier Crespo | Pablo Ryan | Luis Miguel Real | Juan Ignacio Lazo-Álvarez | Joaquín Cabezas-González | Juan Macías | María Teresa Arias-Loste | Guillermo Cuevas | Ana Virseda-Berdices | Veronica Briz | Salvador Resino | María Ángeles Jiménez-Sousa | Amanda Fernández-Rodríguez

Taste receptors, innate immunity and longevity: the case of TAS2R16 gene

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2019 in Immunity & Ageing

Research funded by Fondazione Cariplo (n.2016–0874) | MIUR (Prot 20157ATSLF,Prot 20157ATSLF,Prot 20157ATSLF)

Authors: Alberto Malovini | Giulia Accardi | Anna Aiello | Riccardo Bellazzi | Giuseppina Candore | Calogero Caruso | Mattia Emanuela Ligotti | Anna Maciag | Francesco Villa | Annibale A. Puca

Ageing gender-specific "Biomarkers of Homeostasis", to protect ourselves against the diseases of the old age

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2014 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Anna Maria Berghella | Ida Contasta | Giuseppe Marulli | Carlo D’Innocenzo | Ferdinando Garofalo | Francesca Gizzi | Marco Bartolomucci | Giacomo Laglia | Marisa Valeri | Mario Gizzi | Mauro Friscioni | Mario Barone | Tiziana Del Beato | Enzo Secinaro | Patrizia Pellegrini

Salutary effects of moderate but not high intensity aerobic exercise training on the frequency of peripheral T-cells associated with immunosenescence in older women at high risk of breast cancer: a randomized controlled trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2022 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Grace M Niemiro | Adriana M Coletta | Nadia H. Agha | Preteesh Leo Mylabathula | Forrest L. Baker | Abenaa M Brewster | Therese B Bevers | Enrique Fuentes-Mattei | Karen Basen-Engquist | Emmanuel Katsanis | Susan C Gilchrist | Richard J. Simpson

Fetal thymus graft enables recovery from age-related hearing loss and expansion of CD4-Positive T cells expressing IL-1 receptor type 2 and regulatory T Cells

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2015 in Immunity & Ageing

Research funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Japan (08671994, 11671712, 18591895, 21592170, and 10232638)

Authors: Hiroshi Iwai | Muneo Inaba

Targeting the hallmarks of aging to improve influenza vaccine responses in older adults

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 May 2023 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Andreia N. Cadar | Dominique E. Martin | Jenna M. Bartley

“The ancient and the new”: is there an interaction between cytomegalovirus and SARS-CoV-2 infection?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2020 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Paul Moss

Cumulative physiological stress is associated with age-related changes to peripheral T lymphocyte subsets in healthy humans

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 June 2023 in Immunity & Ageing

Research funded by Agricultural Research Service (2032-51530-026-00D,2032-51530-026-00D,2032-51530-026-00D,2032-51530-025-000-D)

Authors: Ryan G. Snodgrass | Xiaowen Jiang | Charles B. Stephensen | Kevin D. Laugero

Effects of thermal water inhalation in chronic upper respiratory tract infections in elderly and young patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2016 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Thea Magrone | Mauro Galantino | Nunzio Di Bitonto | Luisella Borraccino | Gerardo Chiaromonte | Emilio Jirillo

Ageing combines CD4 T cell lymphopenia in secondary lymphoid organs and T cell accumulation in gut associated lymphoid tissue

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2014 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Kim Martinet | Stéphane Bloquet | Christine Bourgeois

Correction: Neo-epitopes emerging in the degenerative hippocampal granules of aged mice can be recognized by natural IgM auto-antibodies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 August 2022 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Gemma Manich | Elisabet Augé | Itsaso Cabezón | Mercè Pallàs | Jordi Vilaplana | Carme Pelegrí

Signal transduction in neurons: effects of cellular prion protein on fyn kinase and ERK1/2 kinase

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2010 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Vittorio Tomasi

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2004 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: David C Calverley | Taya Varteresian | Elizabeth Brass | Denice D Tsao-Wei | Susan Groshen | Wendy J Mack | Thomas A Buchanan | Howard N Hodis | Alan D Schreiber

Low heart-type fatty acid binding protein level during aging may protect down syndrome people against atherosclerosis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2013 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Elena Vianello | Giada Dogliotti | Elena Dozio | Massimiliano Marco Corsi Romanelli

Zinc, oxidative stress, genetic background and immunosenescence: implications for healthy ageing

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2006 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Eugenio Mocchegiani | Marco Malavolta | Fiorella Marcellini | Graham Pawelec

Simple model systems: a challenge for Alzheimer's disease

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2012 in Immunity & Ageing

Authors: Marta Di Carlo