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Chitosan and graphene oxide-based nanocomposites for water purification and medical applications: A review

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 October 2021 in BioResources

Authors: Vinita Khandegar | Perminder Jit Kaur | Pratibha Chanana

The influence of thermal treatment on the compressive strength and density of bamboo (Guadua angustifolia Kunth)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 September 2021 in BioResources

Authors: Ricardo Acosta | Jorge A. Montoya | Carlos A. Londoño

Dairy Manure as a Potential Feedstock for Cost-Effective Cellulosic Bioethanol

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 December 2015 in BioResources

Authors: Qiang Yang | Shengfei Zhou | Troy Michael Runge

Electron-Beam Curing of Acrylate/Nanoparticle Impregnated Wood Products

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 May 2015 in BioResources

Authors: Xiaolin Cai | Pierre Blanchet

Enhanced conversion of furfuryl alcohol to alkyl levulinates catalyzed by synergy of CrCl3 and H3PO4

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 August 2017 in BioResources

Authors: Xueying Gao | Xin Yu | Ruili Tao | Lincai Peng

Investigating Lignocellulose in Cornstalk Pretreated with Trametes pubescens Cui 7571 to Improve Enzymatic Saccharification

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 February 2016 in BioResources

Authors: Xuejun Wu | Qi An | Yucheng Dai | Jing Si

Non-destructive testing of mechanical properties of solid wood panel based on partial least squares structural equation modeling transfer method

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 April 2023 in BioResources

Authors: Dapeng Jiang | Yizhuo Zhang | Chen Jinhao

Progression of vacuum level in successive vacuum suction boxes in a paper machine – Impact on dewatering efficiency and energy demand – A laboratory study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 April 2023 in BioResources

Authors: Björn Sjöstrand

Effect of age on heartwood proportion, color, chemical composition, and biological resistance of teakwood

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 April 2023 in BioResources

Authors: Gabriel Afonso de Oliveira Silva | Kezia Rage Curvo | Aylson Costa Oliveira | Pedro Nicó Medeiros Neto | Leonardo Gomes Vasconcelos | Ana Márcia Macedo Ladeira Carvalho | Márcio José Silva | Ricardo Natalino | Bárbara Luísa Corradi Pereira

The Impact of Laser Surface Modification of Beech Wood on its Color and Occurrence of Molds

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 24 April 2017 in BioResources

Authors: Zuzana Vidholdová | Ladislav Reinprecht | Rastislav Igaz

Storage of chemically pretreated wheat straw - A means to ensure quality raw material for pulp preparation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 24 July 2010 in BioResources

Authors: Anja Leponiemi | Katri Pahkala | Terttu Heikkilä

Synergistic effect of mixed fungal pretreatment on thermogravimetric characteristics of rice straw

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 April 2021 in BioResources

Authors: Meng Li | Zhinan Wang | Jin Sun | Wanjuan Chen | Xianfeng Hu | Zhenzhong Gao

What to do with toxic, contaminated cellulose-based adsorbents

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 November 2021 in BioResources

Authors: Martin A. Hubbe

High strain-rate dynamic compressive behavior and energy absorption of distiller’s dried grains and soluble composites with paulownia and pine wood using a split Hopkinson pressure bar technique

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 27 October 2020 in BioResources

Authors: Damian Stoddard | Suman Babu Ukyam | Brent Tisserat | Ivy Turner | Rowan Baird | Sofia Serafin | Jose Torrado | Birendra Chaudhary | Alex Piazza | Mason Tudor | Arunachalam M. Rajendran

Biodegradability of lactide–caprolactone macromonomers in wastewater

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 April 2021 in BioResources

Authors: Roderquita K. Moore | Roland Gleisner | Carl J. Houtman

Adsorption of copper from waste printed circuit boards with modified orange peels

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 August 2017 in BioResources

Authors: Aysun Özkan | Zerrin Günkaya | Ece Yapıcı | Müfide Banar

Coating activated carbon from coconut shells with Co3O4/CeO2 for high-performance supercapacitor applications: An experimental study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 October 2021 in BioResources

Authors: Krittiya Chopngam | Montri Luengchavanon | Matthana Khangkhamano | Kanadit Chetpattananondh | Warakorn Limbut

Effects of surface lamination process parameters on medium density fiberboard (MDF) properties

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 November 2022 in BioResources

Authors: İsmail Özlüsoylu | Abdullah İstek

Spirocyclic alkoxysilane synthesized from rice straw ash for preparation of eco-friendly hydrophobic silicone coatings

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 July 2022 in BioResources

Authors: Wenlong Liu | Xingwen Zhang | Hongyu Ren | Xingcheng Hu | Jie Li | Hui Liu

Flushed but not forgotten: The rising costs and opportunities of disposable wet wipes

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 December 2022 in BioResources

Authors: Tilda Hadley | Kate Hickey | Kelsi Lix | Shivani Sharma | Tyler Berretta | Titichai Navessin