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The Absence of the Right to Culture of Minorities within Minorities in Israel: A Tale of a Cultural Dissent Case

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 September 2015 in Laws

Authors: Meital Pinto

Migrants in the Attic: The Case of Migrants with Disabilities and Resettlement Services in Serbia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 February 2021 in Laws

Authors: Joel John Badali

Fashion as Art: Rights and Remedies in the Age of Social Media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 11 March 2020 in Laws

Authors: Lucrezia Palandri

Transitional Justice Process and the Justice Theory of Roland Dworkin

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 April 2023 in Laws

Authors: Helen Gyr

Editorial Special Issue on “Migrants and Human Rights Protections”

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 July 2023 in Laws

Authors: Sylvie Da Lomba

The Protection of Fashion Shows: An Uncharted Stage

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 November 2019 in Laws

Kids Sell: Celebrity Kids’ Right to Privacy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 April 2016 in Laws

Authors: Seong Hong

Atlantic Shortfin Mako: Chronicle of a Death Foretold?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 June 2021 in Laws

Authors: Mercedes Rosello | Juan Vilata | Dyhia Belhabib

Beyond Speech: Students’ Civil Rights in Schools

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 October 2021 in Laws

Authors: Janet R. Decker | Allison Fetter-Harrott | Jennifer Rippner

Seemingly Connected, Obviously Separate: The Parallel Realities of the UN Global Compact and the Multilateral Regimes in Water Governance

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 November 2018 in Laws

Authors: Gor Samvel

Sex, Sexuality, Sexual Offending and the Rights of Persons with Mental Disabilities

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 18 October 2017 in Laws

Authors: Michael Perlin | Heather Cucolo | Alison Lynch

Anticorruption, Cultural Norms, and Implications for the APUNCAC

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 April 2021 in Laws

Authors: Danny Singh

Legislation, Regulations, and Reflections on Environmental Accounting as a Reflection of the Incorporation of Social Responsibility in Companies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 June 2020 in Laws

Authors: Maripaz Muñoz Prieto

The Separate Opinions of a Justice of a Constitutional Court: A Case of Lithuania

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 18 January 2023 in Laws

Authors: Dovilė Pūraitė-Andrikienė

The Exercise of Legal Capacity, Supported Decision-Making and Scotland’s Mental Health and Incapacity Legislation: Working with CRPD Challenges

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 18 June 2015 in Laws

Authors: Jill Stavert

Millennium Development Goals and the Protection of Displaced and Refugee Women and Girls

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 September 2013 in Laws

Authors: Susan Akram

Between Impunity and Imperialism: The Regulation of Transnational Bribery

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 25 June 2021 in Laws

Authors: Mohamed A. ‘Arafa

Cathedral of Sts. Vitus, Wenceslas, and Adalbert—The Melting Pot of Czech Religious, National, and State Identity and Its Legal Status

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 March 2023 in Laws

Research funded by Charles University (Cooperatio—LAWS)

Authors: Ondřej Frinta | Dita Frintová

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Laws in 2014

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 January 2015 in Laws

An American Notwithstanding Clause? Between Potestas and Potentia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 September 2021 in Laws

Authors: Boleslaw Z. Kabala | Rainey Johnson