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Developing Computational Geometry and Network Graph Models of Human Lymphatic System

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 December 2017 in Computation

Research funded by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (17-01-00636) | Russian Science Foundation (15-11-00029)

Authors: Rufina Tretyakova | Rostislav Savinkov | Gennady Lobov | Gennady Bocharov

Fast Operation of Determining the Sign of a Number in RNS Using the Akushsky Core Function

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 June 2023 in Computation

Research funded by Russian Science Foundation (22-71-10046)

Authors: Egor Shiriaev | Nikolay Kucherov | Mikhail Babenko | Anton Nazarov

First-Principles Investigation of Electronic and Related Properties of Cubic Magnesium Silicide (Mg2Si)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 February 2023 in Computation

Research funded by National Nuclear Security Administration (DE-NA0003679) | National Science Foundation (1503226DE)

Authors: Allé Dioum | Yacouba I. Diakité | Yuiry Malozovsky | Blaise Awola Ayirizia | Aboubaker Chedikh Beye | Diola Bagayoko

Computational Approaches in Membrane Science and Engineering

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 April 2020 in Computation

Authors: Alessio Fuoco | Giorgio De Luca | Elena Tocci | Johannes Carolus Jansen

Spillover Effects in Empirical Corporate Finance: Choosing the Proxy for Treatment Coverage

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 August 2022 in Computation

Authors: Fabiana Gómez | David Pacini

First Principles Study of Topochemical Effects and Electronic Structure Relationships between ANCl and A2N2Se (A = Zr, Ce) Assimilated to Pseudo-Binaries: {AN}Cl and {A2N2}Se

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 April 2018 in Computation

Authors: Samir Matar

Modeling the Dynamic Effects of Human Mobility and Airborne Particulate Matter on the Spread of COVID-19

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 October 2023 in Computation

Research funded by Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI) National Science, Research and Innovation Fund (2313271)

Authors: Klot Patanarapeelert | Rossanan Chandumrong | Nichaphat Patanarapeelert

Optimization and Prediction of Different Building Forms for Thermal Energy Performance in the Hot Climate of Cairo Using Genetic Algorithm and Machine Learning

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 October 2023 in Computation

Authors: Amany Khalil | Anas M. Hosney Lila | Nouran Ashraf

Aerodynamic Optimization of Airfoil Profiles for Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 25 April 2018 in Computation

Authors: Ali Benim | Michael Diederich | Björn Pfeiffelmann

Finite Element Simulation of Thermo-Mechanical Model with Phase Change

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 January 2021 in Computation

Authors: Maria Vasilyeva | Dmitry Ammosov | Vasily Vasil’ev

A Review of Two Multiscale Methods for the Simulation of Macromolecular Assemblies: Multiscale Perturbation and Multiscale Factorization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 February 2015 in Computation

Research funded by National Science Foundation (DMS-0908413,DMS-1211667,ECCS-1344263)

Authors: Stephen Pankavich | Peter Ortoleva

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Supercritical Processes: Kinetics of Phase Transitions in Binary “2-Propanol—CO2” System

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 22 June 2023 in Computation

Research funded by Russian Science Foundation (22-79-00154)

Authors: Ekaterina Suslova | Maria Mochalova | Artem Lebedev

Exploring Polygonal Number Sieves through Computational Triangulation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 December 2023 in Computation

Authors: Sergei Abramovich

Bioinspired Multipurpose Approach to the Sampling Problem

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 December 2023 in Computation

Research funded by Russian Science Foundation (22-29-00819)

Authors: Anton Tolstikhin

Anomalous Diffusion within the Transcriptome as a Bio-Inspired Computing Framework for Resilience

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 July 2017 in Computation

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (8U54MD007588,G12MD007602,P30 HL107238)

Authors: William Seffens

Reviewing and Discussing Graph Reduction in Edge Computing Context

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 16 September 2022 in Computation

Authors: Asier Garmendia-Orbegozo | José David Núñez-Gonzalez | Miguel Ángel Antón

Cayley Hash Values of Brauer Messages and Some of Their Applications in the Solutions of Systems of Differential Equations

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 September 2022 in Computation

Authors: María Alejandra Osorio Angarita | Agustín Moreno Cañadas | Cristian Camilo Fúneme | Odette M. Mendez | Robinson-Julian Serna

Estimation Parameters of Dependence Meta-Analytic Model: New Techniques for the Hierarchical Bayesian Model

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 May 2022 in Computation

Authors: Darfiana Nur | Irene Hudson | Elizabeth Stojanovski

Reconstruction of Meteorological Records by Methods Based on Dimension Reduction of the Predictor Dataset

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 May 2023 in Computation

Research funded by FCT/MCTES (UIDB/05757/2020,UIDP/05757/2020) | SusTEC (LA/P/0007/2021)

Authors: Carlos Balsa | Murilo M. Breve | Carlos V. Rodrigues | José Rufino

Non-Hydrostatic Discontinuous/Continuous Galerkin Model for Wave Propagation, Breaking and Runup

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 April 2021 in Computation

Research funded by Sistema Nacional de Investigación, Secretaría Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (95-2019)

Authors: Lucas Calvo | Diana De Padova | Michele Mossa | Paulo Rosman