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Comparison of SynCAM1/CADM1 PDZ interactions with MUPP1 using mammalian and bacterial pull‐down systems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2020 in Brain and Behavior

Research funded by Vedecká Grantová Agentúra MŠVVaŠ SR a SAV (VEGA Grant 2/0066/17)

Authors: Martina Baliova | Frantisek Jursky

Modified Renshen Yangrong decoction enhances angiogenesis in ischemic stroke through promotion of MicroRNA‐210 expression by regulating the HIF/VEGF/Notch signaling pathway

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2021 in Brain and Behavior

Authors: Ce Liang | Teng Zhang | Xu‐Liang Shi | Lin Jia | Ya‐Li Wang | Cui‐Huan Yan

Conscious sedation compared to general anesthesia for intracranial mechanical thrombectomy: A meta‐analysis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2021 in Brain and Behavior

Authors: Huasu Shen | Xiaoyu Ma | Zhen Wu | Xian Shao | Jingjing Cui | Bao Zhang | Mohamed EA Abdelrahim | Jin Zhang

The impact of intrauterine tobacco exposure on the cerebral mass of the neonate based on the measurement of head circumference

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2012 in Brain and Behavior

Authors: Marzenna Król | Ewa Florek | Wojciech Piekoszewski | Renata Bokiniec | Maria K. Kornacka

Blood pressure and body fat percent in women with NMOSD

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2019 in Brain and Behavior

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (81671182) | Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (2016A030313228)

Authors: Xiaohong Chen | Rong Fan | Fuhua Peng | Jia Liu | Jing Huang | Zhigang Chen | Yong Chen | Ying Jiang

PACAP27 mitigates an age‐dependent hippocampal vulnerability to PGJ2‐induced spatial learning deficits and neuroinflammation in mice

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2020 in Brain and Behavior

Authors: Jorge A. Avila | Magdalena Kiprowska | Teneka Jean‐Louis | Patricia Rockwell | Maria E. Figueiredo‐Pereira | Peter A. Serrano

JOURNAL ISSUE published November 2012 in Brain and Behavior

Picture free recall performance linked to the brain's structural connectome

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2017 in Brain and Behavior

Authors: David Coynel | Leo Gschwind | Matthias Fastenrath | Virginie Freytag | Annette Milnik | Klara Spalek | Andreas Papassotiropoulos | Dominique J.‐F. de Quervain

Neural evidence for phonologically based language production deficits in older adults: An fMRI investigation of age‐related differences in picture‐word interference

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2017 in Brain and Behavior

Research funded by National Institute on Aging (R01 AG034138)

Authors: Avery A. Rizio | Karlee J. Moyer | Michele T. Diaz

Cardiovascular surgery experience does not significantly improve patients' response to stroke

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2019 in Brain and Behavior

Authors: Shengde Li | Li‐Ying Cui | Craig Anderson | Chunpeng Gao | Chengdong Yu | Guangliang Shan | Longde Wang | Bin Peng | the FAST‐RIGHT Investigators and Coordinators

Calcium imaging of primary canine sensory neurons: Small‐diameter neurons responsive to pruritogens and algogens

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2019 in Brain and Behavior

Research funded by Morris Animal Foundation (D16CA‐048,D16CA‐406)

Authors: Joy Rachel C. Ganchingco | Tomoki Fukuyama | Jeffrey A. Yoder | Wolfgang Bäumer

A novel ABCD1 gene mutation causes adrenomyeloneuropathy in a Chinese family

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2019 in Brain and Behavior

Authors: Chao Wang | Hongchao Liu | Bing Han | Hui Zhu | Jingyao Liu

JOURNAL ISSUE published October 2019 in Brain and Behavior

Effects of levodopa/carbidopa intestinal gel versus oral levodopa/carbidopa on B vitamin levels and neuropathy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2017 in Brain and Behavior

Authors: Sebastian Loens | Elena Chorbadzhieva | Alexandra Kleimann | Dirk Dressler | Christoph Schrader

Reduced top‐down attentional control in adolescents with generalized anxiety disorder

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2021 in Brain and Behavior

Research funded by National Institute of Mental Health (K22‐MH109558)

Authors: Johannah Bashford‐Largo | Joseph Aloi | Jennie Lukoff | Kimberly Johnson | Stuart F. White | Matthew Dobbertin | Robert James Blair | Karina S. Blair

Are sex differences in self‐estimated intelligence an elusive phenomenon? Exploring the role of working memory, creativity, and other psychological correlates in young and older adults

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2023 in Brain and Behavior

Authors: Vaitsa Giannouli

Sex differences in the association of photoperiod with hippocampal subfield volumes in older adults: A cross‐sectional study in the UK Biobank cohort

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2020 in Brain and Behavior

Authors: Naif A. Majrashi | Trevor S. Ahearn | Justin H. G. Williams | Gordon D. Waiter

Granulocyte colony‐stimulating factor (G‐CSF) positive effects on muscle fiber degeneration and gait recovery after nerve lesion in MDX mice

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2014 in Brain and Behavior

Research funded by São Paulo Research Foundation (2009/06686-6) | São Paulo Research Foundation (2009/05565-0)

Authors: Gustavo F. Simões | Suzana U. Benitez | Alexandre L. R. Oliveira

Oral phase dysphagia in facial onset sensory and motor neuronopathy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2018 in Brain and Behavior

Authors: Mitsuru Watanabe | Wataru Shiraishi | Ryo Yamasaki | Noriko Isobe | Motohiro Sawatsubashi | Ryuji Yasumatsu | Takashi Nakagawa | Jun‐ichi Kira

Reliable measurements of brain atrophy in individual patients with multiple sclerosis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2016 in Brain and Behavior

Research funded by Seventh Framework Programme (FP7‐COOPERATION‐2013‐602150,FP7‐PEOPLE‐2013‐IAPP‐612360,FP7‐PEOPLE‐2012‐ITN‐316679)

Authors: Dirk Smeets | Annemie Ribbens | Diana M. Sima | Melissa Cambron | Dana Horakova | Saurabh Jain | Anke Maertens | Eline Van Vlierberghe | Vasilis Terzopoulos | Anne‐Marie Van Binst | Manuela Vaneckova | Jan Krasensky | Tomas Uher | Zdenek Seidl | Jacques De Keyser | Guy Nagels | Johan De Mey | Eva Havrdova | Wim Van Hecke