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Measuring Resilience Engineering: An Integrative Review and Framework for Bench-Marking Organisational Safety

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 August 2020 in Safety

Authors: Manikam Pillay | Gaël Morel

Evaluation of the Speed Control Cameras in the City of Lisbon

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 January 2019 in Safety

Authors: José Nuno Dias Crespo Martins dos Santos | Carmen de Jesus Geraldo Carvalheira | Luís Guilherme de Picado Santos | Radmila Magušić

Risky Decision Making Due to Goal Conflicts in Firefighting—Debriefing as a Countermeasure to Enhance Safety Behavior

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 25 March 2022 in Safety

Research funded by Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (FP-433)

Authors: Vera Hagemann | Lena Heinemann | Corinna Peifer | Fabienne Aust | Maik Holtz

Inertial Motion Capturing in Ergonomic Workplace Analysis: Assessing the Correlation between RULA, Upper-Body Posture Deviations and Musculoskeletal Discomfort

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 February 2024 in Safety

Authors: Steven Simon | Jonas Dully | Carlo Dindorf | Eva Bartaguiz | Oliver Walle | Ilsemarie Roschlock-Sachs | Michael Fröhlich

Pike River Mine Disaster: Systems-Engineering and Organisational Contributions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 October 2016 in Safety

Authors: Dirk Pons

Understanding Police Officers’ Usage of High-Visibility Safety Apparel: The Role of Safety Ethics and Professional Appearance

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 February 2021 in Safety

Authors: Mijin Kim | Christina Soyoung Song

A Crash Data Analysis through a Comparative Application of Regression and Neural Network Models

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 April 2023 in Safety

Authors: Lorenzo Mussone | Mohammadamin Alizadeh Meinagh

Consequences of Increases in Wild Boar-Vehicle Accidents 2003–2016 in Sweden on Personal Injuries and Costs

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 November 2018 in Safety

Research funded by Naturvårdsverket (12/133 NV-01518-13)

Authors: Annika Jägerbrand | Ing-Marie Gren

Investigating the Dietary Habits of Male Irish Farmers to Prevent Mortality and Morbidity

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 16 July 2021 in Safety

Authors: Diana van Doorn | Noel Richardson | Aubrey Storey | Aoife Osborne | Caitriona Cunningham | Catherine Blake | John McNamara

Effects of 7-Day Ketone Ingestion and a Physiological Workload on Postural Stability, Cognitive, and Muscular Exertion Measures in Professional Firefighters

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 March 2019 in Safety

Authors: Harish Chander | Matthew McAllister | Angelia Holland | Hunter Waldman | Benjamin Krings | Jonathan Swain | Alana Turner | Steven Basham | JohnEric Smith | Adam Knight

Safety Practices and Associated Factors among Healthcare Waste Handlers in Four Public Hospitals, Southwestern Ethiopia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 June 2023 in Safety

Research funded by Mizan Aman College of Health Science (MA-HSC/Dean/318/2022)

Authors: Sisay Ketema | Abayneh Melaku | Habtamu Demelash | Meseret G/Mariam | Seblework Mekonen | Taffere Addis | Argaw Ambelu

Workforce Diversity and Occupational Hearing Health

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 13 April 2023 in Safety

Authors: David Nadler

Which Technologies Make Australian Farm Machinery Safer? A Decision Support Tool for Agricultural Safety Effectiveness

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 February 2024 in Safety

Research funded by Deakin University (RM41088)

Authors: Amity Latham | Zoran Najdovski | Rebecca Bartel | Jacqueline Cotton

Enforcement of Off-Road Vehicle Laws in Iowa

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 April 2019 in Safety

Temporal Stability Analysis of Lighting Conditions in Traffic Accidents

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 June 2022 in Safety

Research funded by Key Research and Development Program of Shandong Province (2020CXGC010118) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (52002224) | Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (BK20200226) | Program of Science and Technology of Suzhou (SYG202033,2020BZ01-03,2021A1515011587)

Authors: Fujin Hou | Chen Lv | Qun Liu | Rui Yue | Huarui Gao | Rendong Pi | Ruirui Cai | Xinming Guo

Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Safety in 2021

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 February 2022 in Safety

Authors: Safety Editorial Office

Drinking Water Risk Management Plan: A Case Study in the Ore Processing Industry

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 August 2019 in Safety

Authors: Arif Susanto | Purwanto Purwanto | Edi K. Putro | Fanny Yuliasari

Predicting Whole Body Vibration Exposure from Occupational Quad Bike Use in Farmers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 November 2015 in Safety

Authors: Lynne Clay | Stephan Milosavljevic | Catherine Trask

Selecting the Safest CNC Machining Workshop Using AHP and TOPSIS Approaches

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 April 2021 in Safety

Research funded by Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation CCCDI-UEFISCDI (PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0446/nr. 82PCCDI/2018)

Authors: Lucian-Ionel Cioca | Radu-Eugen Breaz | Sever-Gabriel Racz

Synchronized Humanitarian, Military and Commercial Logistics: An Evolving Synergistic Partnership

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 October 2019 in Safety