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Hybrid ZnO/MoS2 Core/Sheath Heterostructures for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 July 2021 in Applied Nano

Research funded by General Secretariat for Research and Technology (MIS 5047755)

Authors: Katerina Govatsi | Aspasia Antonelou | Labrini Sygellou | Stylianos G. Neophytides | Spyros N. Yannopoulos

Utilization of Optical Tweezer Nanotechnology in Membrane Interaction Studies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 February 2022 in Applied Nano

Authors: Arnith Eechampati | Chamaree de Silva

Transfer of Cobalt Nanoparticles in a Simplified Food Web: From Algae to Zooplankton to Fish

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 22 July 2021 in Applied Nano

Research funded by Stiftelsen för Miljöstrategisk Forskning (Mistra Environmental Nanosafety program)

Authors: Nanxuan Mei | Jonas Hedberg | Mikael T. Ekvall | Egle Kelpsiene | Lars-Anders Hansson | Tommy Cedervall | Eva Blomberg | Inger Odnevall

Effect of Ag Nanoparticle Size on Ion Formation in Nanoparticle Assisted LDI MS

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 24 August 2020 in Applied Nano

Research funded by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TP01010019) | European Regional Development Fund (CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/15_003/0000441)

Authors: Vadym Prysiazhnyi | Filip Dycka | Jiri Kratochvil | Vitezslav Stranak | Vladimir N. Popok

Magnetron Sputter Deposition of Nanostructured AlN Thin Films

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 October 2023 in Applied Nano

Research funded by Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF20OC0064735)

Authors: Manohar Chirumamilla | Tobias Krekeler | Deyong Wang | Peter K. Kristensen | Martin Ritter | Vladimir N. Popok | Kjeld Pedersen

Quantum Mechanical Comparison between Lithiated and Sodiated Silicon Nanowires

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 April 2024 in Applied Nano

Authors: Donald C. Boone

Nanocomposites with Different Types of Nanofillers and Advanced Properties for Several Applications

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 September 2022 in Applied Nano

Authors: Dimitrios N. Bikiaris

Non-Linear Thermoelectric Devices with Surface-Disordered Nanowires

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 July 2021 in Applied Nano

Research funded by Vedecká Grantová Agentúra MŠVVaŠ SR a SAV (1/0101/20)

Authors: Peter Markoš | Khandker Muttalib

Applications of Environmental Nanotechnologies in Remediation, Wastewater Treatment, Drinking Water Treatment, and Agriculture

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 March 2022 in Applied Nano

Authors: Ramona Kuhn | Isaac Mbir Bryant | Robert Jensch | Jörg Böllmann

Effect of the Cross-Section Morphology in the Antimicrobial Properties of α-Ag2WO4 Rods: An Experimental and Theoretical Study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 July 2023 in Applied Nano

Research funded by Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior—Brasil (2013/2998/2014) | Brazilian research financing institution: CNPq (307546/2014) | FAPESP (2013/07296-2,2021/01651-1) | FAPEMIG (APQ-00079-21)

Authors: Nivaldo F. Andrade Neto | Marisa C. Oliveira | José Heriberto O. Nascimento | Elson Longo | Renan A. P. Ribeiro | Mauricio R. D. Bomio | Fabiana V. Motta

Emerging Trends in Curcumin Embedded Electrospun Nanofibers for Impaired Diabetic Wound Healing

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 November 2022 in Applied Nano

Authors: Ganesan Padmini Tamilarasi | Manikandan Krishnan | Govindaraj Sabarees | Siddan Gouthaman | Veerachamy Alagarsamy | Viswas Raja Solomon

Formation of Advanced Nanomaterials by Gas-Phase Aggregation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 March 2021 in Applied Nano

Authors: Vladimir N. Popok | Ondřej Kylián

Potential Applications of Core-Shell Nanoparticles in Construction Industry Revisited

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 April 2023 in Applied Nano

Authors: Ghasan Fahim Huseien