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Towards Sustainable Community Development through Renewable Energies in Kyrgyzstan: A Detailed Assessment and Outlook

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 May 2022 in World

Research funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research (01LZ1802A-F (ÖkoFlussPlan))

Authors: Kedar Mehta | Mathias Ehrenwirth | Christoph Trinkl | Wilfried Zörner

A Regional Perspective of Socio-Ecological Predictors for Fruit and Nut Tree Varietal Diversity Maintained by Farmer Communities in Central Asia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 11 January 2024 in World

Authors: Muhabbat Turdieva | Agnès Bernis-Fonteneau | Maira Esenalieva | Abdihalil Kayimov | Ashirmuhammed Saparmyradov | Khursandi Safaraliev | Kairkul Shalpykov | Paolo Colangelo | Devra I. Jarvis

Eco-Efficiency of Agriculture in the Amazon Biome: Robust Indices and Determinants

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 September 2022 in World

Authors: Carlos Rosano-Peña | João Vitor Borges Silva | André Luiz Marques Serrano | José Eustáquio Ribeiro Vieira Filho | Herbert Kimura

Acknowledgment to Reviewers of World in 2021

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 January 2022 in World

Authors: World Editorial Office

How 21st Century Population Issues and Policies Differ from Those of the 20th Century

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 July 2023 in World

Authors: Jack A. Goldstone | John F. May

Prioritization of Socio-Ecological Indicators for Adaptation Action in Pauri District of Western Himalaya

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 June 2023 in World

Authors: Shashidhar Kumar Jha | Ajeet Kumar Negi | Rajendra Singh Negi | Juha Mikael Alatalo | Mani Bhushan Jha

Retail Price Differences between Packaged and Unpackaged Fruits (Apples) and Vegetables (Tomatoes, Peppers)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 June 2023 in World

Authors: Samuel Fritschi | Thomas Decker | Sven Sängerlaub

Unlocking Energy from Waste: A Comprehensive Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Recovery Potential in Ghana

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 April 2024 in World

Authors: Abdul-Wahab Tahiru | Samuel Jerry Cobbina | Wilhemina Asare | Silas Uwumborge Takal

Studying Satisfaction with the Restriction Measures Implemented in Greece during the First COVID-19 Pandemic Wave

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 July 2021 in World

Authors: Dimitris Zavras

Identifying Positive Deviant Farms Using Pareto-Optimality Ranking Technique to Assess Productivity and Livelihood Benefits in Smallholder Dairy Farming under Contrasting Stressful Environments in Tanzania

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 September 2022 in World

Authors: Dismas Said Shija | Okeyo A. Mwai | Perminus Karubiu Migwi | Daniel M. Komwihangilo | Bockline Omedo Bebe

Have International Sanctions Impacted Iran’s Environment?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 April 2021 in World

Authors: Kaveh Madani

Is Malaysia Ready for Sustainable Energy? Exploring the Attitudes toward Solar Energy and Energy Behaviors in Malaysia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 August 2020 in World

Authors: Ai Ni Teoh | Yun Ii Go | Tze Chuen Yap

Social Innovation: The Promise and the Reality in Marginalised Rural Areas in Europe

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 April 2022 in World

Research funded by European Commission (Horizon 2020 677622)

Authors: Bill Slee | Robert Lukesch | Elisa Ravazzoli

Three-Dimensional Paradigm of Rural Prosperity: A Feast of Rural Embodiment, Post-Neoliberalism, and Sustainability

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 March 2022 in World

Authors: Hassan Shahraki

Associating Economic Growth and Ecological Footprints through Human Capital and Biocapacity in South Asia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 13 September 2023 in World

Authors: Usman Mehmood | Muhammad Umar Aslam | Muhammad Adil Javed

Put Gender on the Tender in Australian Public Projects

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 September 2022 in World

Research funded by University of Newcastle Australia (Summer Research Internship Scheme)

Authors: Liyaning (Maggie) Tang | Shaleeza Sohail | Emma Shorthouse | Larissa Sullivan | Matthew Williams

Temporal and Geographic Stress Testing of Entrepreneurial Proportionalities in United States Counties

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 11 July 2022 in World

Authors: Danie Francois Toerien

Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Economy of Chosen EU Countries

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 September 2022 in World

Authors: Henrieta Pavolová | Katarína Čulková | Zuzana Šimková

Social Capital of Banjarese for Peatland Fire Mitigation: Combining of Local Wisdom and Environment

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 November 2023 in World

Research funded by Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of Indonesia (026/E5/PG.02.00.PL/2023)

Authors: Deasy Arisanty | Ismi Rajiani | Mutiani Mutiani | Karunia Puji Hastuti | Ersis Warmansyah Abbas | Dedi Rosadi | Muhammad Muhaimin

Comparative Evidence on Corporate Governance Outcomes in the G20 Countries

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2022 in World

Authors: Voicu D. Dragomir