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Publicly Underrepresented Genocides of the 20th and 21st Century: A Review

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 16 May 2023 in Humans

Authors: Larra M. Diboyan | Jesse R. Goliath

Newly Sedentary Lanoh and the Communal Challenge: A Critical Commentary on Anarchist Anthropology

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 11 February 2022 in Humans

Authors: Csilla Dallos

A Deceptive Curing Practice in Hunter–Gatherer Societies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 11 August 2022 in Humans

Authors: William Buckner

African Archaeological Journals and Social Issues 2014–2021

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 January 2023 in Humans

Authors: Cheryl Claassen

Bending the Trajectory of Field School Teaching and Learning through Active and Advocacy Archaeology

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 January 2023 in Humans

Research funded by National Science Foundation (1937392)

Authors: Shawn P. Lambert | Carol E. Colaninno

Necropolitics and Trans Identities: Language Use as Structural Violence

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 24 May 2023 in Humans

Authors: Kinsey B. Stewart | Thomas A. Delgado

Shifting the Forensic Anthropological Paradigm to Incorporate the Transgender and Gender Diverse Community

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 June 2023 in Humans

Authors: Donovan M. Adams | Samantha H. Blatt | Taylor M. Flaherty | Jaxson D. Haug | Mariyam I. Isa | Amy R. Michael | Ashley C. Smith

Space Colonization and Exonationalism: On the Future of Humanity and Anthropology

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 September 2022 in Humans

Authors: Jack David Eller

Gift Giving, Reciprocity and Community Survival among Central Alaskan Indigenous Peoples

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 March 2023 in Humans

Authors: Guy Lanoue

Community’s House and Symbolic Dwelling: A Perspective on Power

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 January 2022 in Humans

Authors: Santiago Mora

An Evolutionary Advantage of the Human Glans Penis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 June 2023 in Humans

Authors: Stephen Leach

Racial Bias in Forensic Decision Making. Comment on Yim, A.-D.; Passalacqua, N.V. A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Race in the Criminal Justice System with Respect to Forensic Science Decision Making: Implications for Forensic Anthropology. Humans 2023, 3, 203–218

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 November 2023 in Humans

Authors: Itiel E. Dror

Legal yet Illegitimate Governance in Italy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 May 2021 in Humans

Authors: Italo Pardo

Singapore’s Forgotten Stories: The Orang Kallang Tribe of Kallang River

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 September 2022 in Humans

Authors: Brenda Man Qing Ong | Francesco Perono Cacciafoco

Experimental One-Sided Choppers Relating Neuromuscular Human Abilities to Heart Rates and Technological Evolution

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 August 2023 in Humans

Authors: Igor Parra | Luisa Morales | Javier Mar | Eudald Carbonell

The Evolution of Well-Being: An Anthropology-Based, Multidisciplinary Review

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 September 2022 in Humans

Authors: Seth Dornisch

Preliminary Report on Golden Langur (Trachypithecus geei) Winter Sleep Sites

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 October 2021 in Humans

Research funded by Rufford Foundation (31215-B) | Primate Conservation (PCI# 1678) | School of Graduate Studies and Research, Central Washington University (cwur-3-50-205)

Authors: Kuenzang Dorji | Lori K. Sheeran | Ratan Giri | Kathleen Barlow | Namgay Pem Dorji | Timothy Englund

Recent Reflections on the Sociology of Archaeology: Introduction

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 24 March 2023 in Humans

Authors: Cheryl Claassen

With Lofty Goals and Familiar Perspectives, Humans Begins

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 July 2021 in Humans

Authors: Kevin M. Kelly

Using Mixed Methods to Understand Spatio-Cultural Process in the Informal Settlements: Case Studies from Islamabad, Pakistan

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 November 2022 in Humans

Authors: Ramisa Shafqat | Dora Marinova