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Ghana's Akosombo Dam, Volta Lake Fisheries & Climate Change

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 October 2021 in Daedalus

Authors: Stephan F. Miescher

Applying Deliberative Democracy in Africa: Uganda's First Deliberative Polls

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2017 in Daedalus

Authors: James S. Fishkin | Roy William Mayega | Lynn Atuyambe | Nathan Tumuhamye | Julius Ssentongo | Alice Siu | William Bazeyo

Another Progressive's Dilemma: Immigration, the Radical Right & Threats to Gender Equality

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2020 in Daedalus

Authors: Rafaela Dancygier

The Environmental Fall of the Roman Empire

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2016 in Daedalus

Authors: Kyle Harper

Supply Chains & Working Conditions During the Long Pandemic: Lessons for a New Moral Political Economy?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 February 2023 in Daedalus

Authors: Richard M. Locke | Ben Armstrong | Samantha Schaab-Rozbicki | Geordie Young

The Illegality Trap: The Politics of Immigration & the Lens of Illegality

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2013 in Daedalus

Authors: Michael Jones-Correa | Els de Graauw

Cell blocks & red ink: mass incarceration, the great recession & penal reform

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2010 in Daedalus

Authors: Marie Gottschalk

A world without nuclear weapons?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2009 in Daedalus

Authors: Thomas C. Schelling

International financial regulation after the crisis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2010 in Daedalus

Authors: Barry Eichengreen

Improvisations for Hart Crane

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2004 in Daedalus

Authors: Geoffrey Hill

The unconscious colossus: limits of (& alternatives to) American empire

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2005 in Daedalus

Authors: Niall Ferguson

Does the American Public Support Legislation to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2013 in Daedalus

Authors: Jon A. Krosnick | Bo MacInnis

Brain Mechanisms for Active Vision

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2015 in Daedalus

Authors: Robert H. Wurtz


JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2015 in Daedalus

Authors: Thomas D. Albright

The Energetic Ear

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2015 in Daedalus

Authors: A. J. Hudspeth

Public interest lost?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2007 in Daedalus

Authors: Adam Wolfson

Financial Constraints & Collegiate Student Learning: A Behavioral Economics Perspective

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2019 in Daedalus

Authors: Benjamin Castleman | Katharine Meyer

A Sustainable Agriculture?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2015 in Daedalus

Authors: G. Philip Robertson

Degrees of Freedom, Dimensions of Power

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2016 in Daedalus

Authors: Yochai Benkler

Immigration, Race & Political Polarization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 January 2021 in Daedalus

Authors: Michael Hout | Christopher Maggio