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Hispanic Older Adult Health & Longevity in the United States: Current Patterns & Concerns for the Future

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2015 in Daedalus

Authors: Robert A. Hummer | Mark D. Hayward

Notes toward the definition of ‘identity’

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2006 in Daedalus

Authors: Akeel Bilgrami

International financial regulation after the crisis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2010 in Daedalus

Authors: Barry Eichengreen

Improvisations for Hart Crane

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2004 in Daedalus

Authors: Geoffrey Hill

The unconscious colossus: limits of (& alternatives to) American empire

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2005 in Daedalus

Authors: Niall Ferguson

The Atlas That has Not Shrugged: Why Russia's Oligarchs are an Unlikely Force for Change

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2017 in Daedalus

Authors: Stanislav Markus

Climate in the Boardroom: Struggling to Reconcile Business as Usual & the End of the World as We Know It

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2020 in Daedalus

Authors: Rebecca Henderson

The Future of Intergenerational Relations in Aging Societies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2015 in Daedalus

Authors: Frank F. Furstenberg | Caroline Sten Hartnett | Martin Kohli | Julie M. Zissimopoulos

Disrupting the Effects of Implicit Bias: The Case of Discretion & Policing

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 March 2024 in Daedalus

Authors: Jack Glaser

Little Things Matter a Lot: The Significance of Implicit Bias, Practically & Legally

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 March 2024 in Daedalus

Authors: Jerry Kang

The Implicit Association Test

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 March 2024 in Daedalus

Authors: Kate A. Ratliff | Colin Tucker Smith

Financial Constraints & Collegiate Student Learning: A Behavioral Economics Perspective

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2019 in Daedalus

Authors: Benjamin Castleman | Katharine Meyer

The Declining Significance of Race: Revisited & Revised

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2011 in Daedalus

Authors: William Julius Wilson

On the Meaning & Measurement of Mood

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2012 in Daedalus

Authors: James A. Stimson

Another Progressive's Dilemma: Immigration, the Radical Right & Threats to Gender Equality

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2020 in Daedalus

Authors: Rafaela Dancygier

Asian American Racialization & Model Minority Logics in Linguistics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 August 2023 in Daedalus

Authors: Joyhanna Yoo | Cheryl Lee | Andrew Cheng | Anusha Ànand

The Environmental Fall of the Roman Empire

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2016 in Daedalus

Authors: Kyle Harper

Does the American Public Support Legislation to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2013 in Daedalus

Authors: Jon A. Krosnick | Bo MacInnis

Environmental Governance in China: State Control to Crisis Management

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2014 in Daedalus

Authors: Elizabeth Economy

Public interest lost?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2007 in Daedalus

Authors: Adam Wolfson