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JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2019 in Science Education

The interplay between different forms of CAI and students' preferences of learning environment in the secondary science class

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2005 in Science Education

Authors: Chun-Yen Chang | Chin-Chung Tsai

The biotech century: Harnessing the gene and remaking the world; Frankenstein's footsteps: Science, genetics and popular culture

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2000 in Science Education

Authors: Patrick Colgan

Using time-series design in the assessment of teaching effectiveness

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1999 in Science Education

Authors: Huann Shyang Lin | Frances Lawrenz

Learning by doing: A multi‐level analysis of the impact of citizen science education

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2023 in Science Education

Authors: Elizabeth Y. Zhang | Calista Hundley | Zachary Watson | Fariya Farah | Sarah Bunnell | Thea Kristensen

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JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2020 in Science Education

From science as “special” to understanding its errors and justifying trust

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2020 in Science Education

Authors: Douglas Allchin

Issue Information

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2020 in Science Education

Science museum educators' professional growth: Dynamics of changes in research–practitioner collaboration

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2019 in Science Education

Research funded by Swedish Arts Council (2014/1357)

Authors: Jesús Piqueras | Marianne Achiam

Education for scientific literacy: A conceptual frame of reference and some applications

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1974 in Science Education

Authors: Michael L. Agin

Scientific literacy for decisionmaking and the social construction of scientific knowledge

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1994 in Science Education

Authors: Wade H. Bingle | P. James Gaskell

Biology curriculum in twentieth-century Spain

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1999 in Science Education

Authors: �scar Barber� | Beatriz Zan�n | Jos� Francisco P�rez-Pl�

Designing strategies and tools for teacher training: The role of critical details, examples in optics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2005 in Science Education

Authors: Laurence Viennot | Fran�oise Chauvet | Philippe Colin | G�rard Rebmann

“I think of it that way and it helps me understand”: Anthropomorphism in elementary students' mechanistic stories

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 January 2024 in Science Education

Authors: Xiaowei Tang | David Hammer

A comparison of the critical‐thinking abilities of science and non‐science majors

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1967 in Science Education

Authors: Kenneth D. George

Students' progression of understanding the matter concept from elementary to high school

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2005 in Science Education

Authors: Xiufeng Liu | Kathleen M. Lesniak

Science choices in Norwegian upper secondary school: What matters?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2012 in Science Education

Authors: Maria Vetleseter Bøe

Using Rasch theory to guide the practice of survey development and survey data analysis in science education and to inform science reform efforts: An exemplar utilizing STEBI self‐efficacy data

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2011 in Science Education

Authors: William J. Boone | J. Scott Townsend | John Staver

Students' views of the nature of science: A critical review of research

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2011 in Science Education

Research funded by National Science Council, Taiwan (NSC 99-2511-S-011-005-MY3 and NSC 99-2631-S-011-001)

Authors: Feng Deng | Der‐Thanq Chen | Chin‐Chung Tsai | Ching Sing Chai

Integrating nature of science instruction into a physical science content course for preservice elementary teachers: NOS views of teaching assistants

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2006 in Science Education

Authors: Deborah L. Hanuscin | Valarie L. Akerson | Teddie Phillipson-Mower