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Problems and possibilities for learning in an introductory chemistry course from a conceptual change perspective

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2001 in Science Education

Authors: Martina Nieswandt

JOURNAL ISSUE published September 2008 in Science Education

JOURNAL ISSUE published July 2023 in Science Education

Dissatisfied with the fruitfulness of “learning ecologies”

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2006 in Science Education

Authors: Adam Johnston | Sherry A. Southerland | Scott Sowell

JOURNAL ISSUE published March 2007 in Science Education

Inquiry and education: John Dewey and the quest for democracy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2007 in Science Education

Authors: Laura M. Westhoff

Dr. Golem: How to think about medicine

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2007 in Science Education

Authors: Troy D. Sadler

Not in our classrooms: Why intelligent design is wrong for our schools

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2007 in Science Education

Authors: Sherry A. Southerland | Barry W. Golden

Motivation to learn science, emotions in science classes, and engagement towards science studies in Chilean and Spanish compulsory secondary education students

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2023 in Science Education

Authors: Pedro Membiela | Katherine Acosta | Miguel A. Yebra | Antonio González

Issues in linking research to science teaching

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1991 in Science Education

Authors: Paul Dehart Hurd

Relationships among level of intellectual development, cognitive style, and grades in a college biology course

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1980 in Science Education

Authors: Anton E. Lawson

Learning to Assess Science in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms: Tracking Growth in Secondary Science Preservice Teachers’ Assessment Expertise

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2013 in Science Education


Attitudes of israeli high‐school students toward Chemistry and Physics: A comparative study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1977 in Science Education

Authors: Avi Hofstein | Ruth Ben‐Zvi | David Samuel | Pinchas Tamir


JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1995 in Science Education


JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1995 in Science Education

The metaphor in science and in the science classroom

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1988 in Science Education

Authors: Paul G. Muscari

Expertise and the critical nonexpert (comment on norris)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1995 in Science Education

Authors: Richard E. Grandy

Developing a learning progression for three‐dimensional learning of the patterns of evolution

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2017 in Science Education

Research funded by National Science Foundation (DRL‐1221188)

Authors: Yael Wyner | Jennifer H. Doherty

Within the walls of the classroom: How science teachers' instruction can develop students' sociopolitical consciousness

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2022 in Science Education

Authors: Britney L. Jones | Jonte C. Taylor

JOURNAL ISSUE published September 2022 in Science Education