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New publications

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1937 in Science Education

Wyler, Rose. The first book of weather. New York 10022 (575 Lexington Avenue): Franklin Watts, Inc., 64 p.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1968 in Science Education

Suttles, Patrica Horkheimer. Educators Guide to Free Social Studies Materials. Randolph, Wisconsin: Educators Progress Service, 1967. 486 P. $8.50

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1967 in Science Education

What principles may be used for guidance in planning a state program for teaching science

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1933 in Science Education

Authors: W. W. Knox

SHEPHERD, WALTER. Outline History of Science, New York 10016 (15 East 40th Street): Philosophical Library, 1968. 142 P.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1969 in Science Education

II. From the viewpoint of experimental schools in city systems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1938 in Science Education

Authors: Mary Melrose

Clark, C. C., and Hall, R. H. This Living World. Kew York: McGraw‐Hill Book Company, 1940. 519 p. $3.25

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1941 in Science Education

A course of study in economic zoology for students of agriculture at the Virginia polytechnic institute

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1949 in Science Education

Authors: Cecil F. DeLabarre

Friedman, Bertha B. Foundations of the Measurement of Values. New York: Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1946. 227 p. $2.75

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1948 in Science Education

Horkheimer, Mary Foley and Diffor, John W. Educators Guide to Free Films. Randolph, Wisconsin: Educators Progress Service, 1948. 345 p.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1949 in Science Education

The application of psychological theory to the analysis of structure in science teaching

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1969 in Science Education

Authors: O. Roger Anderson

Locally constructed apparatus for use in high school physics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1941 in Science Education

Authors: Richard I. Misner

Is Einstein's fourth dimension really the fourth?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1957 in Science Education

Authors: Kenneth Walters

Schure, Alexander. Multivibrators. New York (480 Canal Street) : John F. Rider, Publisher, Inc., 1956. 52 P. $.90

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1957 in Science Education

Jones, Roy W. and Wallen, J. E. Biological Science Notebook. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Burgess Publishing Company, 1954. 90 p.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1955 in Science Education

Editorials and educational news

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1941 in Science Education

Authors: Ellsworth S. Obourn | Arthur H. Bryan

Sigerist, Henry E. Civilisation and Disease. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1933. 255 p. $3.75.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1946 in Science Education

Wyse, Lois. I wish every day were my birthday. Cleveland, Ohio (2231 West 110th Street): The World Publishing Company, 1967. Unpaged. $3.50

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1968 in Science Education

Webber, Irma E. Travelers All. New York: William R. Scott, Inc., 1944. Unpaged. $1.25.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1946 in Science Education

The teaching of science in the secondary schools of montana

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1966 in Science Education

Authors: James Warren Gebhart