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A comparison of mathematics backgrounds between American and South African physics students

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1989 in Science Education

Authors: C. J. Under | H. T. Hudson

Egyptian middle school science teachers' attitudes toward a lecture method, self‐concept, and locus of control

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1985 in Science Education

Authors: Harold Harty | Galal Salama

The science and mathematics teacher shortage: A study of recent graduates

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1984 in Science Education

Authors: Roger G. Olstad | Jack L. Beal

A preparatory course in science as a factor in enhancing opportunities and exellence in university science education

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1987 in Science Education

Authors: Uri Zoller | D. Ben‐Chaim | M. Danot

Relationship between the cognitive abilities of a group of tertiary physics students and the cognitive requirements of their textbook

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1983 in Science Education

Authors: Michael Prosser

The influence of American and British thought on Australian physics education

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1989 in Science Education

Authors: J. R. de Laeter

JOURNAL ISSUE published January 1989 in Science Education

Forthcoming article

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1990 in Science Education

Creativity in science teaching

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1971 in Science Education

Authors: Nathan S. Washton

Characteristics of book talks aboutNature of Science

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2022 in Science Education

Authors: Lotta Leden | Lena Hansson | Susanne Thulin

From the Editors' Desk

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2016 in Science Education


The development of science education in Botswana

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1995 in Science Education

Authors: M. B. Ogunniyi


JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1995 in Science Education

Attitudes toward nuclear energy: One potential path for achieving scientific literacy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1995 in Science Education

Authors: Richard E. Dulski | Rosalie E. Dulski | Ronald J. Raven

Comment on the article “studying conceptual change in learning physics” by Dykstra, Boyle, and Monarch

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1993 in Science Education

Authors: M. Vicentini

Science teacher diploma programs in indonesia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1984 in Science Education

Authors: Euwe van den Berg | Vincent N. Lunetta

Announcement from the publisher

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1995 in Science Education

Proving or Improving Science Learning? Understanding High School Students’ Conceptions of Science Assessment in Taiwan

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2013 in Science Education

Research funded by National Science Council, Taiwan. (NSC 99-2511-S-008-009,NSC 100-2511-S-110-010-MY3,NSC 100-2511-S-011-004-MY3,NSC 101-2631-S-011-002)


A comparison of exemplary biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics teachers' conceptions and enactment of inquiry

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2012 in Science Education

Authors: Wayne Breslyn | J. Randy McGinnis

Reproducing successful rituals in bad times: Exploring emotional interactions of a new science teacher

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2011 in Science Education

Research funded by Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, administered by the Queensland University of Technology (DP0984394)

Authors: Stephen M. Ritchie | Kenneth Tobin | Peter Hudson | Wolff‐Michael Roth | Victoria Mergard